scoble twitters and flickrs the birth of his baby son

a few days ago robert scoble has twittered the birth of his child (and of course he later uploaded the photos to flickr). i found this message via metablog, and i have to say, i agree that this somehow crosses a line.

now, i sometimes, occasionaly, rarely abuse of this blog to spew out personal and quite intimate messages; last happened on the 31. 8.. i find these moments of vulnerability to be cathartic, they can really help to get over things. sometimes. rarely. sometimes i get stuck in a rut, and then to lay it all out there, for everyone to see and read, it can help to disolve the rut and things get better. but there is a certain line i will not cross.

i fully understand that the line or lines that i do cross sometimes, are already too much for certain people. of course this is a matter of individual taste. my reaction to scoble’s twitter makes me want to apologize to anyone i ever offended when writing messages, that are too personal for them. sowwwyyyy.

erm, what am i saying? the question of privacy and what we do share and won’t share on our blogs needs to be looked at constantly.

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