radiohead: no really, it’s up to you

i have been a huge radiohead fan since OK Computer. and yeah, sure, who isn’t?

their last album, hail to the thief, was a bit of a dissappointment not so much for the music, but for the copy control they implemented onto the CD. it was a huge let down coming from a band who always seemed to stand so strongly for independance and integrity and had always valued its fans. all of a sudden we the fans were treated like potential pirates.

no really, it’s up to you

well, it was fantastic news to read this morning that radiohead is selling their new album, in rainbows, through a donations-based system, that lets the buyer decide what price the want to pay, no really, it’s up to you. the download can be pre-ordered, that is, and of course i instantly did this, now to patiently wait till october 10. when the downloads will get available. and we’ll see what type of mp3s we get, drm, quality, etc…

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