nokia N95 firmware upgrade: do i dare?

hmmm. the last time i tried to do a firmware upgrade on my N95 it died on me. i had to send it to repair and it took 3 weeks to get it back.

however, for some reason these guys installed firmware 10.0.018, while already in april, on 17.4. to be more precise, nokia had released version 11.0.026, with a huge list of improvements, many of which could greatly improve some of the shittier aspects of my phone.

do i dare doing a firmware upgrade again?
the other option would apparently be to send it in again … this is at least what they told me at my providers shop.
so if this is the case, what is there to lose?

this time i will try with the pc laptop i have laying around somewhere, hmmm, but where is it?
the theory being, that my problems last time were due to the fact, that tried to do my firmware upgrade on my mac, via a windows installation on parallels.

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