that 1 guy man man

there was a time in ancient history, when looking for new music meant visiting actual record stores and maybe buying music magazines.
now i find most of my music online, and, this is a little scarier, through tv series. outch.

well, weeds, really. even people who don’t like weeds as a tv show will usually agree, that weeds comes with an excellent soundtrack.

during the two most recent weeds episodes i discovered two new bands, that i really really like. man man and that 1 guy. both bands come with singers that could be the bastard sons of tom waits, their music comes full of drunken fervor, often tilting towards barely withheld frenzy.

we are man man – myspace
man man: i, Man face

that 1 guy – myspace
the 1 guy: buttmachine

now for something completely different: this next track is an excellent sound collage mixed from game sounds, the music keeps surprising and evolving.

bob ostertag: w00t [via rebel:art]

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