its a sad day …

the golden days are over at
they have now limited daily upload to 1 image a day.
if you want to uplaod more you have to pay $5.– a month!
which i think is alot of money.
it gets worse: i had donated them some money ($10.–) 2 days ago this monday, because i thought this was a great website, and now they won’t count it towards the “gold parton” account.
it was sweet but short, guys …

here are my thoughts:

i am willing to donate money for this service.
in fact i did donate $10.– this very monday, that`s not even 2 days ago!
but now that money does not get forwarded towards a “gold patron” account.
btw. “gold patron”?
that has got to be the most horrible name for this!

1. the free option should be much less restricted. especially to limit the number of comments is just silly. as we all know comments are just text and text hardly uses much serverspace. the 1 image per day policy is a very unpractical restriction. somedays i will want to only 1 image, others days no image at all, but then sometimes i will want to upload a series of images that belong together. 10 images per week would be a much more user-friendly rule.
2. the payment should have a sliding scale. $5.00 is a different amount of money in brasil as it is in the US or switzerland
3. it should still be donation based. now its not a donation, it’s a subscription. or else at least have the decency to call things by their real name!
4. change that name “gold parton”. is this a creditcard or something???
5. make it customizable in preferences, if somebody wants that horrible gold camera to appear next to their name or not
6. communicate stuff like this ahead of time, dont just violate people with it
7. people who have recently donated money, within the last month, should not be made to pay once more!

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