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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

writers guild strike

:flash: United Hollywood – “The WGA is on strike, and whether you’re a writer, someone whose life has been impacted, or a curious observer, hopefully you’ll find the info here to be helpful.”

:flash: 24: The Unaired 1994 Pilot – “Since Fox will not be airing a new season of “24″ due to the writers’ strike, they plan to air a season that was originally filmed in 1994. CHTV obtained this exclusive clip.”

:flash: strike day – ze rants on the writer’s guild strike day.


:flash: LOLinator: i can haz websiet? – generator to turn any websiet, erm website, into a LOLcat site. check out

:flash: LOLGRIMS – “Because LOLTURKEYS Would Be Derivative”

online video killed the …

:flash: Pole-Dancing Kitty – “Don’t judge her: She has 57 kids to feed.”

schmooze and abuze

:flash: Audio Fingerprinting and Artist Tagging – “Audio fingerprinting goes as step further and actually scans your music files on your computer. It uniquely identifies the audio file, then sends the information back to so they can gather common misspellings.”

:flash: Building a state-of-the-art Emergency Room for Silicon Valley – “We are giving $27.5 million to Stanford Hospital”, marc andreessen uses his blog to announce a 27.5 million donation.

:flash: Teen Dies After Being Slapped by Teacher – hey, teachers, leave those kids alone.

:flash: Sex and massively multiplayer rivalry – “Stilted, awkward and obtuse, ‘sex’ in videogames is still a ridiculous concept, not helped, of course, by the squeamishly Calvanistic leanings of the ESRB”. /cry

:flash: Radiohead rubbishes ComScore download numbers – “The figures quoted by the company comScore Inc are wholly inaccurate,” says popular beat combo”. but still no numbers from radiohead.

:flash: Six-Pack Surgery: From Puffy to Buff – “The technique, called abdominal etching, is a kind of precision liposuction. The doc sucks out the fat that’s standing between the patient and, if everything goes well, the six-pack.” finally!

:flash: Where Are the Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities in the World? – “1. Amsterdam 2. Portland, Oregon 3. Copenhagen 4. Boulder, Colorado 5. Davis, California 6. Sandnes, Norway 7. Tronheim, Norway 8. San Francisco, California 9. Berlin 10. Barcelona 11. Basel, Switzerland”

:flash: Dear Mobby :: Crowd Sourced Advice – “if you have a problem and want some advice, email me at I’ll post it, and if it all goes smoothly, the community will dole out some advice for you to chew on. Crowd Sourced Advice. word.” this service could work wonders.

:flash: Hello Kitty Consolidated Account – “Dah Sing Bank brings to you the first Hello Kitty Consolidated Account. This Hello Kitty account integrates the benefits of both a savings & checking account and you will receive all the associated Hello Kitty stationery”. i hope my nephew [9] does not discover this …

:flash: End of the Rose Revolution as riot police are sent in to quell protests – its tragic what happens in georgia, but their riot police sure has goofy gasmasks. gief.

:flash: How to Win at Monopoly ® – a Surefire Strategy – “Always buy Railroads; never buy Utilities (at full price)”. oh boy, do i wish i had this guide when i was a kid. [via bb]

:flash: High five! Borat is back to amuse — and offend – “Government scientist, Dr. Yamak have prove that our glorious leader, Premier Nazarbamshev have IQ of 412 and a brain that extend into most of his chest”. well, i guess the chest is ok, but if it extended lower ???

:flash: Who’s Nuttier, Apple Fanatics or Ron Paul Enthusiasts? – “though the sexism voiced by some in the Apple camp deserves honorable mention, Ron Paulites win by a landslide. We’re certain the Apple-heads will try harder next time.” pheew.

:flash: The ‘Winners’ of the Wired News Saddest-Cubicle Contest – “My desk has a column in the middle of it. Then it was cut in half. Now the wiring doesn’t work.”. and you thought your office was depressing.

:flash: Banksy – Phantombild eines Superstars – banksy caught? but … he looks so normal.

swiss/german focus

:flash: Pedro Lenz: Angeri näh Ruschgift. Monologe der Leidenschaft – “Spoken Word ist Literatur, die den direkten Kontakt zum Ohr sucht. Und Pedro Lenz ist ein Autor, der den direkten Kontakt zu den Leuten findet.”

:flash: Berner Medientag » 17. Medientag – “Hilfe, die Zürcher kommen! Wie weiter nach dem Tamedia-Deal?”

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