5 years of farting blogging about …

LOL, it is kinda fitting. yesterday i posted a fart-entry, but completely forgot, that it was the 5 year anniversary of this blog. five years. that’s quite a long time, that’s a 9th of my life (or 11% of it). and yes that makes me an old fart. and this blog as well. so there …

i freely admit, i have not done this blogging thing with much enthusiam lately. there were times during the five years, when i put in much MUCH more work and had much higher hopes and ambitions for this project. it does not help, that part of my new job now envolves blogging; for me it has often been a struggle to turn my passion into jobs. but it goes beyond blogging. i am getting burned out with the whole digital lifestyle. a girl recently came to our office on girl’s day. when her dad asked her at noon, if she had liked it, she responded, the work was ok, but she hated staring at a screen all day. that sums it up nicely.

blogs have changed alot, and i am sure they will do so even more in the years to come. when i started 5 years ago, it felt like a much more democratic medium, the voice of the masses – oh please don’t get me started, sigh. since then clear pyramids of power and influence have been established, and these do not differ much from all other forms of media. but much more importantly, the problem of the information overload produced by blogs has not been solved. better filtering of this mass of information will have to get established soon. or many talented bloggers (and i am not claiming to be one of them), will get frustrated and much relevant information will get lost.

oh shut me up already. i have times, when i am tired of my own idealistic bullshit. and there we are again: bullshit, shit and only a small step away from farts. *poot.

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