sign the referendum against swiss copyright law

“somebody” should do something against the revision of the swiss copyright law, that will otherwise take effect january 24th 2008, i moaned a few days ago, but i gave up in despair about a minute later.

well, others have taken matters into their own hands and started a referendum.

i strongly support this. thanks for the great job, much appreciated.

please, swissies, help us to collect 50’000 signatures before 24.1.2008.
with xmas coming up, it should be no problem to get all your greatgrandaunts and coucousins to sign this.

No Swiss DMCA
Referendum against the Revision of the Copyright act as of 5. October 2007

A dangerous law has been passed on the 5th October by both the Parliment and the National Council almost without resistance. The revision represents massive advances for legal protection of copy protection mechanisms.

It is my conviction that such technical copy protection measures are of no merit for the consumer and will ultimately also harm the content producers. A law that puts such measures under special protection is hence just as ill advised.



Before January 24th 2008 we have to collect 50.000 signatures against this law. They have to checked by the muncipality of the respective signee. Signature collection form, also available svg file and pdf.

one thing i wonder is, if there would be a way to set up an online petition/referendum, as we know them from other countries, like the UK, i think.

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