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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

online video killed the …

:flash: AMERICAN SPIRIT – a new hillmann curtis film … happy new year.

:flash: WRATH OF THE 1337 KING – “I, Merciless Gladiator Athene, who am also the best World of Warcraft player in the world, am now documentizing my life as a pro-gamer in a real movie (like Hollywood), for you guys, for free.” i am still not sure if i find him funny or sad, but oh well, he went ahead and produced a movie anyway.

:flash: Illegal Danish 2: Escape from Orgrimmar – quite hilarious machinima movie using the WoW engine. especially enjoyed the music.

schmooze and abuze

:flash: Official Sneaky Website – sneaky, the double bass player of fingathing, has moved to berlin and produced a solo album, free sample track available on his site.

:flash: The Day Today – September 11th – “The Day Today 24 news report covering the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York.” easter egg on The Day Today dvd.

:flash: Finally, Freedom from Your Phone – “The Freedom phone was designed by Vadim Kibardin and aims to take away all the inconvenience of traveling with a cellphone. ” spiffy design.

:flash: all of linz – polizei – one particulary impressive photo of last years ars electronica all of linz project. [via hannes]

:flash: The Face of Age – portraits of people who have lived in 3 centuries. [via bb]

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