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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

:flash: Virginia Tech, Suicide And World Of Warcraft – “The only warning signs that he was on the edge came in the form of emails sent to the university from various WoW players who were concerned for his safety. Unfortunately, little action was taken from the warnings and as we all know, Daniel Kim is now de

:flash: Chomsky on World Ownership – “The Bush administration is way out at the extreme. In fact, so far out at the extreme that they’ve come under unprecedented attack from the mainstream.”

:flash: Transformer Dress Gets Ladies Naked – “British clothes designer Hussein Chalayan has made dresses using microchip technology that transform into other dresses or disappears while on the model.”

:flash: Eight things I think I think – “1. Celebrity will soon be perceived as a disease. 2. Google rank will become a political argument. 6. Somebody will get stabbed for speaking too loud with his mobile phone in a public place.”

:flash: Untangle – yet another fantastic puzzle game, be warned though: it could take hours [via ze frank]

:flash: The sleeveface Pool – flickr pool of self-portraits with album covers, i wish my records were already unpacked.

:flash: Teabagging In Our Schools – “A group of boys has been involved in bullying others, and officials said their actions have included physical attacks, taunting and sexually harassing victims by making their crotches touch other boys’ heads while fully clothed — something apparently inspired by the Halo video game series, in which players can perform a posturing move over a defeated enemy.”

:flash: BBC Worldwide Videos – “This week sees the launch of the BBC Worldwide MySpaceTV Channel, bringing you the best of British TV.”

:flash: DJ Shadow says: Happy MLK Day – “In recognition of today’s MLK holiday, I thought I’d reup a DJ Shadow goodie posted back in a 2005 Rosa Parks memorial post and a 2006 MLK and the Dreamers post.”

:flash: STICKER AWARDS 2007 – Die Gewinner – very deserving winners to the 2007 sticker award.

:flash: With friends like these … Tom Hodgkinson on the politics of the people behind Facebook – “I despise Facebook. This enormously successful American business describes itself as “a social utility that connects you with the people around you”. But hang on. Why on God’s earth would I need a computer to connect with the people around me?”

:flash: Peter Callesen – paper cut art [via wooster]

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