thanks to the anonymous wikipedians

2008 africa nations cup

over these past 2 weeks i have been watching the 2008 africa nations cup with great interest, what an incredible tournament. it had a dissapointing ending with egypt taking it away. i wanted cote d’ivoirecameroon the be the final, and cote d’ivoire to win, big fan of their current squad.

but the reason i blog this, is because of the way this tournament has been covered on wikipedia: it was fantastic, how the results were updated almost instantly during the games. but even more i feel like i have learned so much not only about african football, squads and players but about africa in general, geograhically as well as politically, with the amount of information available on wikipedia just a few clicks away. the tv was still on, but how boring it has become to just watch football. so the laptop was on my knees the whole time and click click click …

big thanks to the anonymous wikipedians for a great great job, can’t wait to follow euro 2008 on wikipedia

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