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we soft launched RSS Art earlier this year. the spammers have already discovered us, so it’s about time we make it public.
alot has happened this year already, we moved house, i lost my job … but RSS Art is fun.

so far there are only two blogs: RSS Art 001 rss button and RSS Art 000 rss button.

the latter is of course not really an artists blog. it’s more like the beta blog of the project, where i will occasionally publish my pathetic attempts at being creative.
the first is by my lovely and very talented partner franziska nyffeler.

we hope to attract more artists, who want to explore with us this form of publishing their work.

if you know someone, that you think should participate in this project, please point them this way, or contact us here, for us to contact them.

we plan to create a propper portal of sorts, where the latest additions to the various RSS Art blogs will appear. if anyone has an idea for a technical solution to accomplish this, please let me know. it runs on wordpress.

access denied

so now, without further ado, access no longer denied. please enter and enjoy! (oh and if you like it, subscribe to the feed ;P)

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