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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]


:flash: Guess My Crime! – fun guessing game that just proves, crime is fun for everyone. [via b3ta]

:flash: ForumWarz Postmortem: Interviewing the Game’s Creators – “ForumWarz is my newest obsession, a web-based game like nothing I’ve ever played. In short, it’s a parody of Internet culture in the form of a real-time role-playing game.”

:flash: Forumwarz – A free browser-based RPG about Internet Culture – “You can start playing right away. What could you possibly lose?* *a large percentage of Forumwarz players have lost their dignity. Play at your own risk.”

:flash: Gimme5games – how fast can you type the alphabet backwards? i suck and will not publish my time. [via neatorama]

schmooze and abuse

:flash: What’s in the Swiss embassy’s car park? – “Mark Brown went where no arts correspondent has gone before in search of some vintage graffiti” [via gebsn]

:flash: FreakAngels » Episode 0003 – and 003 is out …

:flash: Photoshop Money Celebrities Pics – “There’s a new craze going in United Kingdom – people take pictures of themselves partially covered with folded banknotes (mostly with queen Elizabeth) in the foreground.” [via b3ta]

:flash: Late Night Shopping 2 – fat kids at the mall are the topic of this rather catchy animation/tune. [via b3ta]

:flash: No impact from Energy Saving Day – “The UK’s first Energy Saving Day has ended with no noticeable reduction in the country’s electricity usage. E-Day asked people to switch off electrical devices they did not need over a period of 24 hours, with the National Grid monitoring consumption.” hmmm, thats rather dissapointing.

:flash: Wuala, your files online – “Wuala, your free online hard-disk Access. Backup. Share. Publish. Discover.” i am giving this a test spin, ask me for invites.

:flash: On why I am not running (Lessig Blog) – “I have decided a run for Congress would not help the Change Congress movement. I explain the thinking in this 5 minute video”

:flash: Ein Science-Fiction Roman des Internetzeitalters – german documentary (arte) about cory doctorow. but since when is geek pronounced ‘dschiick’, like jeek almost. well nvm, cory is a jeeky geek.

:flash: Anthology Recordings – first digital reissue label.

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