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free tibet

:flash: Tibet: more deaths, injuries in Lhasa as crackdown grows – the latest news blog-style.

:flash: How you can help Tibet – “The following are some of the ways you can make your voice heard to support Tibet”

:flash: Faces of the Tibet Protesters – “The fifteen Tibetans who staged the independence protest in Lhasa’s main Barkhor Square on March 10 must have known that they faced torture, arrest, and imprisonment at the hands of the occupying Chinese forces.”

:flash: Senator Obama “Condemns” China’s Use of Force in Tibet – “Senator Barack Obama is the first U.S. presidential candidate to issue a statement on China’s crackdown in Tibet (issued March 14).”

spitzer’s ho

:flash: Prostitution in a wired world – “the inner workings of modern-day sex work: text messaging to clock in the client, electronic fund transfers, a Web site featuring color photos, prices and rankings.”

:flash: ashley dupre’s mysapce page – “I am all about my music, and my music is all about me… It flows from what I’ve been through, what I’ve seen and how I feel. I live in New York and am on top of the world.” is laying under Spitzer also on top of the world, assuming they did it in the missionary position.

:flash: Spitzer’s escort: ‘I love who I am’ – “Dupre is a 22-year-old would-be singer from New Jersey, the New York Times reported Wednesday. She has not been charged with any crime.”

online video killed the … what was before again? … star

:flash: Smoke on the Yangtze – a riot. [via osymyso]

:flash: Watch Higher Quality YouTube Videos – “Watch Higher-Quality YouTube Videos The URL Hack. Add &fmt=18 to the end of a normal YouTube URL. If there’s a high quality version available, that extra string will cause it to load. ”

schmooze and abuse

:flash: Ask Jabba! – “Jabba the Hutt has decided to take an interest in the Human planet called ‘Earth’.In what little spare time the holy Hutt has, he may or may not choose to answer filthy Earth Human scum questions.” alfie’s latest project.

:flash: Congratulations of finding the worlds longest domain name – “The worlds longest domain name. You won’t find a longer domain name currently on the internet.” hmm , maybe this is not true. (see next)

:flash: The World’s Longest Domain Name – “ claims to be the world’s longest domain name. But is it? It turns out that this is a matter of definition.”

:flash: Free range workers – “A response to the similarities between many office working conditions and battery farmed hens.” [via rebel-art]

:flash: RSF | Cybermanifs – 24 hours against censorship, cyberdemonstration organised by reporters without frontiers.

:flash: Google your way to a wacky office – “If your ideal workspace includes a slide, a games room, a ‘chill-out’ aquarium and plenty of free food then you had better get your CV into Google.” report from zurich’s google office.

:flash: Control. Escape. [via] – cute.

:flash: Blog Fight! WordPress and Movable Type Square Off – “It’s the bloggers equivalent of the Mac vs. Windows flamewar — WordPress vs. Movable Type.”

:flash: The new tattoo that is sweeping the country. After the first day, 15 people had gotten it. – i admit, i did consider getting this tatoo. for a second. the moustache tatoo.

:flash: Photoshop Disasters – a blog dedicated to photoshopage, that went wrong [via swissmiss]

:flash: Net Surrealism: Paintings by Jeremiah Palecek – paintings of internet memes [via bb]

:flash: 17 Tips For Getting Bloggers To Write About You – “Have a link. Seriously: if you want bloggers to link to you, you need to have something linkable. Your upcoming TV show, protest march, product or soccer tournament is literally unbloggable unless you put it on the Web somewhere first.”

:flash: there he goes again – “He could name no instance of my “laud[ing] the appropriation of intellectual property” because that’s not my schtick. Indeed, as I repeatedly insisted in Free Culture (see pages 10, 18, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 139, 255), what others call “piracy” I was emphatically not writing to defend. Indeed, I criticized it as “wrong.””

:flash: A Facebook Application To Find Blood Donors Fast – “But there may be a better way – leverage the social networks to get the word out. If shortages of a certain type of blood occur in a certain zip code, having a database of willing donors in that zip code to contact may be the most efficient way to solve the problem quickly.”

:flash: How a desperate father fought demons – “TWO YEARS ago, he was a high-flying IT specialist for a leading bank. Then the young Scot was introduced to a life of adventure in the magical online land of Azeroth. Today Arklore – the “virtual name” by which he wishes to be known in this story – works for a fast-food restaurant.”

:flash: Would you play a GTA MMORPG? – “Now imagine a GTA with thousands of people all trying to live the same dream. It would be a nightmare – the streets filled with joyriding maniacs, smashing Dodge Chargers through shop windows, machine gunning everyone in sight. Total anarchy.”

:flash: BD Spacy 125 – a free font dedicated to a scooter? sure, why not.

:flash: Ups, I’m a zombie – the hazards of eating nutella: “Nutella-Glas beim Stolpern über Loch nicht losgelassen. Glas kaputt, Hand dann auch. ”

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