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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]


:flash: the untold story … – and that’s about all i have to say re: easter holiday. oh wait, maybe this:

:flash: Google’s Top 17 Easter Eggs, Gags, and Hoaxes – “Google makes your life easier with great search, but did you also know it’s loaded with pranks, goofs, and put-ons? We show you the best of the bunch.”


:flash: colorwar 2008 – “And now it has gone haywire. I regret having caused a day of spam…but…”

:flash: S.F. Activists Use Twitter, Pirate Radio to Manage Anti-War Protesters – “San Francisco anti-war protesters marking the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq are using the micro-blogging service Twitter to coordinate their movements throughout the day.”

:flash: Twitter / bedtime – little stories people post on twitter just before going to bed. [via ze frank]

online video has killed the …

Michael Jackson – Trifon Aleksandrov – this video has me chuckling all morning already. “A guy doing his own interpretation of Michael Jackson’s song “Bad” during the Bulgarian “Music Idol” TV show. He didn’t make it to the final.”

:flash: The Profit – The movie Scientology doesnt want you to see. – “Years ago, in 2001, several film directors worked on a documentary called “The Profit”, indirectly telling the story about how the Scientology came to be what it is today. Before it could be released, the CoS managed to get it banned, even after it claimed that it was totally unrelated to Scientology. But now it has been leaked. See for yourself.”

:flash: The Creation of a Character – truely great stop motion animation. i especially love waht it says on the sign the character holds up towards the end. [via b3ta]

:flash: Miranda July: How to Make a Button – “This instructional video was made for us by Miranda July, a lady from California who writes short funny stories that are sometimes sad and occasionally sort of weirdly hot.”

:flash: Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s Last Message – “Sir Arthur C. Clarke, a giant in the science fiction genre and early proponent of the geosynchronous satellite orbit, has died. Recently, Sir Arthur videotaped his reflections on his 90th birthday, in which he talked about the future of space travel and more.”

:flash: “Hot Hot Sex” Video Removed from YouTube – “After weeks of criticism from YouTube commenters, the creator of the popular fan-made “Music Is My Hot Hot Sex” video finally pulled it offline.”

:flash: Test Your Awareness: Do The Test – “Test your awareness. Transport for London has released an Advert for commuters to test their awareness by taking the test.” [via habi]

schmooze and abuze

:flash: World of Warcraft Shines Light on Terror Tactics – “Virtual terrorists blowing themselves up and spreading disease inside World of Warcraft could provide counterterrorists with a window into real-world plots.”

:flash: Spiritually uplifting courthouse installation of Flying Spaghetti Monster – “People of all religious denominations will be overjoyed to learn that a statue of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was installed on the Cumberland County Courthouse Lawn in Crossville, Tennessee today.”

:flash: Think Periodically – “Out of my interest for Chemistry and my heritage I chose to get his tattoo done almost a year ago.”

:flash: mildly sleazy uses of facebook – “clearly, we should have sex.”

:flash: Australian Man Gunned Down in Driveway by Killer Robot – “An 81-year-old Australian man has shot himself dead with an elaborate suicide robot built using plans he downloaded from the Internet.”

:flash: The Many Views of Abbey Road – “It’s such an iconic image that whenever you see a group walking single file on a zebra crossing, you automatically think of Abbey Road. It’s been imitated, honored, lampooned, and recreated by countless artists.”

:flash: Billboard Liberation Front’s talk at Vooruit, Ghent – “i was in Ghent for the festival The Game is Up! at the Vooruit. Artists who study the relationship between art and consumerism were invited to perform, and present their work to explore this year’s theme: Art for Sale.”

:flash: The Pirate Bay to BBC: We Don’t Want To Be Information Slaves – “The BBC has published a podcast which takes a look at piracy through the ages, also covering the modern concept of ‘intellectual property’. Of course, no story of piracy would be complete without discussing The Pirate Bay”

:flash: Pirates – BBC podcast – “Pirates are not just peg-legs, parrots and pistols. In this three part series, Nick Rankin finds out how they have adapted to changing times.”

:flash: Japan appoints cartoon cat named Doraemon as ambassador to promote animation – “Japan has created an unusual government post to promote animation, and named a perfect figure to the position: a popular cartoon robot cat named Doraemon.”

:flash: Interview: Perplex City Creators Craft ‘We Tell Stories’ – “Penguin has challenged some of its top authors to create new forms of story – designed specially for the internet…”

:flash: We Tell Stories – story told as a sort of online game.

:flash: Battlestar Galactica Streams Into Season 4 – “The wait for season four is almost over, though, and BSG junkies can get their fix online 10 hours before the show airs on TV. The final season premiere will stream live on from noon to 1 p.m. April 4 — get your lunch orders in now.”

:flash: Tibet Protest Photos 080315 – a collection of photos and videos covering the protests in tibet.

:flash: In Rainbows Music Video Contest Judged by Radiohead in conjunction with aniBoom – “It’s the perfect match between revolutionary music and the mind blowing possibilities of animation. The *In Rainbows Music Video Contest* judged by Radiohead is here.”

:flash: Radiohead Launches In Rainbows Video Contest – “Radiohead has invited fans to create animated videos for any of the songs on the band’s groundbreaking In Rainbows album, and you don’t even need to be an animation expert to enter.”

:flash: espacio+coches.jpg – amount of space required to transport the same amount of people.

:flash: Street Art At It’s Best #2 – indeed!

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