today is erection-day

since today:
– itz so hot you can’t help having an erection all day long
– a smile from a passing cutie: erection. a look at the page 3 girl [!]: erection. a sexy flower: … [i know! i should be arrested]
– yet itz too hot to even want to get close to someone else’s skin – and you don’t even wanna think about touching them
– plus you dont even wanna masturbate – coz itz too hot for that too and you’s too lazy
– yet today like every other day all erections want to be cherrished

… i declare today officially to be erection day
in honour of the unreleasable pressure in our poles, our lingams rising high up into the sky, our twitching balls, our mighty erection stretchin our pants and panties, our hard-ons coming on hard.

– just dont touch it.

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