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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]


:flash: Rockstar Social Club Announced – “Today Rockstar announced a new website called the Rockstar Social Club. Essentially a high tech leaderboard, the first supported game will be (drum roll) Grand Theft Auto IV (surprise!). Compatible with Xbox LIVE and PSN, players can register starting April 15th to track all sorts of neat stuff they do in GTA IV when it’s released April 29th.”

:flash: 15-Year-Old Killed For Not Passing Game – “When 15-year-old Olivier Baptiste refused to hand over the video game he was playing to his 18-year-old friend William Suarez, Suarez pulled out a .32-caliber Smith and Wesson from his waistband and shot Baptiste in the head.”

:flash: Legal battle over Warcraft ‘bot’ – “The makers of World of Warcraft are locked in a legal battle with a firm that has produced a tool to automate many actions in the virtual world.”

online video killed the …

:flash: Goodness Gracious Me – Going out for an English – nice one, to be reminded of this hilarious GGM sketch, that is based entirely on reverse stereotypes. [via bb]

:flash: Getting Tight with Tarantino! – “Here is another ode to great film directors from Paul Proulx. This time, he features the work of Quentin Tarantino. Enjoy!”

:flash: Record label finds singing monks – “A record label’s search for a group of monks to record a Gregorian chant album has ended after an Austrian monastery submitted a YouTube clip.”

schmooze and abuze

:flash: Lolcat Guys Squeeze Laughs Out of Graphs – “Calling all graph nerds and lolcat fans: GraphJam, the latest project from the duo behind I Can Haz Cheezburger?, wants your savvy pop-culture observations in visual form.”

:flash: Top 10 April Fools’ Pranks for Nerds – “Here are the top 10 tech-related April Fools’ jokes to play on friends and co-workers. The best geek pranks make a gadget or a co-worker’s computer appear “broken.””

:flash: The Carrot Some Vegans Deplore – “TWO things that you can find a lot of in Portland, Ore., are vegans and strip clubs. Johnny Diablo decided to open a business to combine both.”

:flash: Sculpta Sutra – “Sculpta Sutra is the world’s first 3D guide to the Kama Sutra.” [via}

:flash: Flickr: Discussing Help CC gather interesting re-use photo stories! in Creative Commons (pls read the rules) – “We here at the CC HQ are compiling interesting re-use stories of cc-licensed photos on Flickr. This is super important to helping us explain to the larger community as to why CC is important to photographers. We have a short time frame to get this all done and would REALLY appreciate your help.”

:flash: Dork Talk: Douglas Coupland – “I remember in the 80s when cellphones first started to pop. I remember how, if you saw someone using a cellphone on a street, you immediately thought they were an asshole: gee, my phone call is so important I have to make it right here and right now! Twenty years later, we’re all assholes.”

:flash: Angry BBQ – hates winter

:flash: Lunchtime Quiz: Monty Python – “So don’t stop being silly – see how you do with this quiz about one of the UK’s finest exports.” i failed miserably. [via neatorama]

:flash: The Great Tantra Challenge – “On 3 March 2008, in a popular TV show, Sanal Edamaruku, the president of Rationalist International, challenged India’s most “powerful” tantrik (black magician) to demonstrate his powers on him. That was the beginning of an unprecedented experiment.”

:flash: South Park Studios – most southpark episodes are now available to watch online.

:flash: Muxtape – “Muxtape is a service for creating mixtapes.”

:flash: Mixwit :: media playground – “It’s your mix, so make something unique. Add pictures, photos, artwork, drawings… Anything you want. It’s easy!” [via rho]

:flash: Color Wars 2008 – “To join a team: log on to twitter, search for the team of your choice, then follow that team.”

:flash: Top 10 Wired Reader Self-Portraits, Decided by You – “Possibly one of the hardest photo assignments, the dreaded self-portrait, was no match for our shutterbug audience. Over the last two weeks, readers have shown us themselves through their own — often twisted — eyes and picked the best of their peers.”

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