the zen-simpleton

i always love it when one of them is in my life – and please excuse me for throwing “them” into one pot with what may well seem like such carelessness. but i really do believe that during our life’s we tend to encounter similar archetypes over and over again. i have met this particular archetype twice, as far as i can remember, once in san francisco and now here in bern. let me call the archetype the zen-simpleton. the first time i met him was in the form of a short order cook in a cajun restaurant and now he has come back as a news vendor near our new house here in bern. what these guys have in common is an inner glow and peace of mind that really shows in the way they do their job. these are guys are doing what may seem like boring and repetitive jobs with such compassion and loving simplicity, that it inspires me each time i see them. i wish i could be more like them. but even more, seeing them puts a smile on my face.

i used to go the cajun breakfast place in san francisco quite often, on my way to work, just because i loved to watch the short order cook going about his business with such love for detail and always a huge smile on his face. needless to say, the food he prepared was excellent. now, whenever i go buy a newspaper, i am looking forward to meeting this little man of italian decent, who seems so happy doing what he does, always friendly, always good for a small joke, a wink from his eyes, a smile. i go there three times a week, saturday to buy the gazetta dello sport, sundays for the sunday papers, and monday, again for the gazetta. it is now wednesday and i miss him. but! i won’t start buying panini just to go there more often … its never good to exagerate these things.


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