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money redecoration

understand the real value of money – “On Dollar, Euro and Yen notes, some of the most important events of the last century.”

Refacing Government Tender – Flickr set of one guys scribbles on american banknotes. [via bb]

online video killed the …

Bill O’Reilly’s Producer (Unseen Footage) – the much awaited peek behind the curtain.

Bill O’Reilly Flips Out — DANCE REMIX – “Here’s a great dance mix version of the Bill O’Reilly freak-out video that made the rounds this week” [via bb]

Lawrence Weiner :: – the latest hillman curtis movie is on lawrence weiner, conceptual artist from brooklyn.

10 optical illusions in 2 minutes – “Samsung presents 10 optical illusions in 2 minutes to promote the new SOUL mobile phone.” anotehr one of those too-bad-its-a-commercial…

BART SIMPSONS VOICE IS A LADIE!!!! – yeh, duh. but its actually cool to see her in person.

The Day There Was No News – “Today there was no news. And here is the proof.” done before, but this one is well done, eerie, strong, moving.

schmooze and abuse

Google Friend Connect – “Google Friend Connect lets you grow traffic by easily adding social features to your website. With just a few snippets of code, you get more people engaging more deeply with your site.” the fight for the social layer in browsers has entered the next phase.

Bicyclists on LA freeways – “Last Friday, around 30 bicycle riders (and a few inline skaters) took to the freeways during rush hour, racing past cars stuck in traffic. … the aim was “to raise questions about the transportation infrastructure. In a city ruled by cars, why is it that you can get places faster on bikes?” [via bb]

Picasso’s Guernica in 3D – somehow stunning.

And now, live from Wimbledon, the interactive Pong championships 2008 – “this will happen, mark my words” agreed!

Sightseeing in Liberty City – Flickr set: “A side by side comparison of a photo tour in New York City and Liberty City…crazy details! More coming soon!”

DAD? – blog of photoshopped images with the dad and child heads swapped. [via bb]

ECB_LA_28k.png – eboy LA poster. [via bb]

The Passively Multiplayer Online Game, PMOG – “This game allows you to leave traps or gifts on any web page. You can also take missions across the internet, discovering new content while leveling up.”

riots | green | floor | grass | germany – shall we call this lawnmover art. or sumink [via rebel:art]

Googling My Keyboard – another could be meme.

swiss/german focus

Bruno Spoerri – “iischalte” Bodeschtändige… elektronisch (Switched-on Switzerland) [1974] – “Bruno Spoerri plays the EMS Synthi 100. Great and rare swiss album, and still no CD release yet!”

Street-Art-Sellout – mal wieder – “Ich bin enttäuscht. Der Grund: Der Kanadier Dan Bergeron (aka fauxreel), der einige Billboards in schöner Détournement-Manier verfremdet hatte, z.b. “Quick Lobotomy” oder “Donald Trump“, hat sich kaufen lassen! Für eine Guerilla-Street-Art-Aktion! Gleich in fünf kanadischen Städten kleisterte er seine Vespa-Motive.” so wahr!

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