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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

online video killed the …

Weezer: Pork and Beans – music video “… starring some familiar YouTube faces.” jap, even yadiahiiiii yadiahuuu …

GTA IV’s Roman is Looking for Work – “You may have heard how some of the voice actors from GTA IV don’t feel they were compensated well enough for their work, most prominently Michael Hollick, the voice of Niko. Well, the voice of Roman, Jason Zumwalt, feels the same way; but he’s not sitting around idly.” he offers his services to come play GTA with people.


Burma’s dangerous hip-hop scene – “Who would have thought that Burma (aka Myanmar) has a hip-hop scene? I guess that little surprises me anymore.” irritatiging voice, great story.

Wii Guitar Hero Hack – “I hacked my Wii Guitar Hero Guitar so it can actually be played like an instrument, with up to 45 different pitches at my disposal.” haXXorz.

Radiohead: In Rainbows Animated Music Videos Contest – “aniBoom’s In Rainbows Animated Music Video Contest, which invites people to create animated pieces set to In Rainbows tracks, has decided on 10 semi-finalists.”

YouTomb – “YouTomb is a research project by MIT Free Culture that tracks videos taken down from YouTube for alleged copyright violation.” somebody has to do it.

mildly NSFW: Garry Kasparov Griefed by Flying Penis – “In a bizarre example of Second Life leaking into the real world, a political assembly on Saturday led by chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov was disrupted by a flying penis.”

Roots of Breakdance (Run DMC – It’s Like That) – “That Soviet Union with their Russians were already getting it on with the moves!” lolz.


Funny Farm – apparently this is old, but i had never seen this amazing puzzle before. and i fail to solve it … /cry [via waxy]

Walking in a barbarian’s footsteps – “After a long build up, including an eight-week delay to apply the final polish, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (AoC) has been launched. The game is widely seen as one that has a chance of taking on the current king of the online gaming heap – World of Warcraft (WoW).” my mate ralph has moved there, and i can’t follow since this bloody game only works on PC /cry.

Artsy Games Incubator – “Below are some of the games created during the Artsy Games Incubator.” some look great. but few work on mac.

Music Bounce – neat puzzle game in the form of a music sequencer.

3 Amazing PSP games you haven’t heard of – crush i knew, but the other two do look quite amazing.

schmooze and abuze

funeral for DRM – “We regret to report the sudden, unexpected death of Digital Rights Management. Details of the tragedy at present remain unclear, but he was rushed to the hospital following a direct collision with an oncoming future last week at 10 PM. He was seven years old.”

twistori – this is probably way ooooollld, but i love the simplicity of this project. “this is the first step in an ongoing social experiment, based on twitter.”

US Plots “Pirate Bay Killer” Trade Agreement – “Wikileaks has revealed that the United States is plotting a ‘Pirate Bay killing’ multi-lateral trade agreement, called ‘ACTA,’ with the EU, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland and New Zealand.” sounds scary.

HILLARY RAISES ASSASSINATION ISSUE – “Hillary Clinton today brought up the assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy while defending her decision to stay in the race against Barack Obama.” i believe that’s the final nail in Clinton’s “coffin”.

Creative Commons explores a digital copyright registry system – “Creative Commons today announced that it is exploring possible roles in connection with a digital copyright registry system.” might be a good approach. but how do they plan to get everyone to register? would only work if the process was somehow automated.

Celebrate Adrian Frutiger´s Birthday – “Do you have a personal birthday message for the designer? In the section below, you can submit your own comments for Adrian Frutiger.” the irony here is, he lives just a few miles away, in the suburb of bern where i grew up …

Games consoles ‘not green enough’ – “Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are not doing enough to eliminate potentially harmful chemicals and metals from their games consoles, Greenpeace has said.” awww ffs. and i just bought a PS3 and now have to feel all guilty again …. socks!

NSFW: Naked Ladies Riding the Paris Metro – “Paris Metro authorities, the RATP, are conducting an inquiry to find out how photographer Jam Abelanet was able to take these arty shots of nekked babes posed in the Metro. Be photoshopped wouldn’t it?”

Dutch government bans electronic voting – “The government of the Netherlands has banned electronic voting machines from future elections because of a risk of eavesdropping. The nation will return to paper voting.” this is so retro it might actuallyt become the next big thing in goverments evoting policy.

Introversions – “News just in. Soulwax have made a mix called Introversions which is 150 intros mixed up into one long track. Sound familiar?” jap, sounds very familiar. and the osymyso version is sooo much much better!

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