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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

hoax of the week

:flash: BIGGEST DRAWING IN THE WORLD – guy sends a gps equipped briefcase around the world to create the biggest self-portrait ever. we think … [via ze frank] but:

:flash: ‘Biggest drawing in world’ revealed as hoax – “A Swedish artist who claimed to have drawn the biggest picture in the world using a GPS device stuffed inside a briefcase has been exposed as a hoaxer.” this leaves us feeling horrible, about being so gullable and believing it at firstand about still wanting to believe it, really, cause it is such a great idea.

online video killed the …

:flash: internet love song – “BRB, OMG, LOL
We’ll pour our hearts out on the screen
One line at a time” too cute, and the kid has a voice that can only make it big.

:flash: Grand Theft Auto: DUI – “Kotaku’s Owen Good does a comparison; which is worse, the drunk driving gameplay in GTA IV, or getting drunk and driving in GTA IV. The results are ROFL funny.” brilliant idea.

:flash: Cell Phone In Microwave – “This kids cell phone bill got to high so he decided to cook it in the microwave.” [via al4ie]

:flash: I Will Derive! – “I parody of “I Will Survive” that I did with a couple of my friends for our Calculus and Physics classes.” and i got it stuck in my head since, thank you very much … ffs.

japanese corner

mildly NSFW: :flash: Air Sex – the sex version of air guitar. jap.

:flash: we are the world in japan – “we are the world ものまね impersonator” creepy stuff.

:flash: 組曲『ニコニコ動画』 グランドフィナーレ 全自動マリオ – custom-made supermario level set to very tacky music, but still great fun.

schmooze and abuse

:flash: Geek Gang Signs – “Looking at a “Gang Signs” chart, I asked myself “Why should gangstas have all the fun?” The end result: the “Geek Signs” chart, pictured below. Enjoy!” good point, g33k.

:flash: Apple Bans Teens From Stores for Downloading iPhone Game – “Four Palo Alto teens found themselves chased down a street and detained by Apple store security for 2.5 hours after they downloaded a third-party game onto a store phone.” *sigh*, apple, you oughta love the kids idea.

:flash: In a Letter to His Kids, Wired’s Founding Editor Recalls the Dawn of the Digital Revolution – quite a personal tribute to 15 years wired magazine.

:flash: High-profile Tibetan Writer & Blogger Woeser Under Attack – “On the evening of May 27th (Beijing time), Woeser discovered that her Skype account and email address were both apparently accessed and her Skype ID hijacked.” this seems totally bizarre.

:flash: Add-Art – “Add-Art is a free FireFox add-on which replaces advertising on websites with curated art images.”

:flash: euroby 08 | robotersoccer – 15. – 22. Juni, Zürich / Linz – “The European champion in robot football will be crowned in Linz June 19-22, 2008. […] The teams will be getting an initial feeling for the competition during a preliminary round in Zurich”. worth a trip to zurich? hmmm, maybe.

:flash: Go Online without Getting Snooped: Tor – “When you go online, you leave tracks all over the place. You could be hanging out with friends on IM, checking out websites, or downloading music. If you live in a country where snoops are prying into what ordinary citizens do online (like, um, the US) you want a way to cover those tracks.” oh i really should do this … but.

:flash: Weezer’s Memetastic Video Director Spills the ‘Pork and Beans’ – “I wanted the video to be a celebration of that creativity. I wanted it to be redemption for those who’d been unintentionally embarrassed by the power — there is a sense of that for those who were shamed by it.”

:flash: Plants, for Your Health – “Unless you live in an organic bubble, chances are that most days you interact with plastics, paper goods, synthetic fibers, and other household items that contain trace amounts of toxins—toxins that, in large enough doses, could kill you, but in small doses might still be causing some damage.”

:flash: The Touch Screen Turntable – “a touch screen turntable that lets DJ’s loop, sample and scratch wave forms just as you would a record. The size of the touchtable is approximately the same as a standard turntable, making the physical interaction nearly the same.”

:flash: TV becomes social again – “Last night I was watching Eurovision with Twitter runnng on my laptop. In real time, my Twitter friends and I shared comments and made observations about the event as it was happening.”

:flash: The Homeless Billionaire – “After making his billions, Mr. Berggruen, 46, lost interest in acquiring things: They didn’t satisfy him, and in fact had become something of a burden.” shall i say, duh, or what?

:flash: WordPress Birthday Party – “On Tuesday, May 27th, WordPress will turn 5 years old. We’ve come a long way from that original 0.7 release.”

:flash: TODO-TATTOO – temporary tatoo as to-do list or shopping list. [via bb]

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