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f***ball rulez da nation

The little things make all the difference – “2004 by Jonathan Monk.” sniffie, no english.

:flash: The football statues. – Zurich, Switzerland – “Most interesting is the fact that it was actually claimed by the two rent-a-cops (pictured in this panorama) that photography of these statues was illegal” amazing panorama shot of zurich trainstation. gotta love the cops!

:flash: Google Maps – euro08 google map. [via de-bug]

online video killed the …

:flash: AoC good times with a horse – “Having fun with a horse mount!” what a cunt, tbh.

:flash: Big Ideas (Don’t get any) – “I grouped together a collection of old redundant hardware, and placed them in a situation where they’re trying their best to do something that they’re not exactly designed to do, and not quite getting there.” the resulting radiohead mashup is hella funky.

:flash: Roots Manuva – Buff Nuff – “Brand new video for ‘Buff Nuff’, the first single from forthcoming album ‘Slime & Reason’ released August 2008.” gief ice cream truck vendors like that .. lol.

:flash: Zürich Chamber Orchestra | Roller Coaster – “Avertiser: Zurich Chamber Orchestra ” [via ze frank]

:flash: Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane Video – “Some dude goes absolutely insane.” real or fake? [via bb]

:flash: Video Games and Sex – “Based on “Sex in Video Games” by Brenda Brathwaite and writings by James Portnow and Leigh Alexander.”

schmooze and abuze

:flash: Watchlist Spezial: Art Basel, Liste, Volta, Scope – rebel:art covers art basel.

:flash: Brits Fail To Cash In On Free £5 Notes – “The full extent of Britain’s financial inertia was laid bare today when passers-by in London and Manchester were offered a free £5 note, no strings attached.” only 28 took the free cash. shows just how immune to adverts we have become.

:flash: Are we creatures of habit in game worlds too? – “Human trajectories show a high degree of temporal and spatial regularity, each individual being characterised by a time-independent characteristic travel distance and a significant probability to return to a few highly frequented locations. […] I wondered if people are like this in game worlds…” i know i am … i have certain routines for awhile but then throw them all out and find new ones.

:flash: pieceoplastic – – some people claim plurk is the next big thing after twitter. it is certainly making twitter more gamey, putting it in a timeline, but, hmmm, it’s still offensive in it’s banality. i guess it’s still only fun for people with huge friends-lists.

:flash: What Newspapers Still Don’t Understand About The Web – “Why is Google making more money everyday while newspapers are making less? I’m going to pick on The Washington Post again only because it’s my local paper and this is a local example.”

:flash: Wayward Alzheimer’s patients foiled by fake bus stop – “A German nursing home has come up with a novel idea to stop Alzheimer’s patients from wandering off: a phantom bus stop. The bus stop, in front of the Benrath Senior Centre in the western city of Düsseldorf, is an exact replica of a standard stop, with one small difference: buses never stop there.” take that, you naughty alzheimers!

:flash: Radiohead songs finally on iTunes – “Radiohead’s back catalogue has appeared on iTunes, making them one of the last high-profile bands to put their body of work on Apple’s leading download store.”

:flash: How games will change the world – “within a few years, many – if not all of us – will be able to say the same. Soon we’ll all be playing at work.”

:flash: Steal This Footage – “in the spirit of cooperation and sharing, and by agreement with our interviewees, we are making this footage available to others who want to make films on this subject”

:flash: UK cops arrest six alleged BitTorrent music uploaders – “Cleveland police have today confirmed that six people have been arrested for allegedly sharing music files via the defunct BitTorrent tracker” oink.

:flash: Suggestion Book – About the Book – “Hey, would you like to make a suggestion? With that simple question and an enormous white Suggestion Box, Illegal Art canvassed the five boroughs of New York City”

:flash: WTF?! – “You’ve stumbled into WTF?! – a WoW inspired side-scrolling Flash-based RPG.” marx and freud as questgivers, no really.

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