nothing worse than a bored WoW-addict

it has finally happend. finally i have reached this juncture with WoW. i am terribly bored with the game, it feels like i am “done”, like i have gone as far as i can go – given the characters i have, the guild i am in, the arena teams i play in. it feels like there is nothing left for me to do. i have played WoW for 2 and 1/2 years now, which is remarkable. impressive really. for someone who got bored with GTA IV after playing it 3 – 4 times. but blizzard seems to now focus mainly on the next big extension, callled WoTLK, so i suspect not much new content will get released before then. the elite guilds and arena players still have things to do, but i belong to neither category. to illustrate the extent of my frustration: i have been leveling the cooking on my paladin these days, that’s how very bored i am.

many of my WoW-“friends” have left to play AoC, Age of Conan. [excursion: yes, i still call them “friends”, even if i have known some of them for a long time now. it might have been on and off with some, but we kept chatting, meeting, helping each other, listening to each others frustrations etc. in a way i should say friends without the “”, but i guess i am either too old school or too desillusioned to call them that. anyway]. i would be more than ready to give AoC a spin, test it. but they only develop for PC and still only have a Mac. and get this, i even considered buying a gaming PC, yup, i am very ashamed to admit it, me the old hater of all things microsoft almost caving in. that’s simply outrageous.

so what now? non-MMO games are simply too boring. WoW is on hold. ffs, what am i gonna do? the next three weeks are covered, i can watch tons of f***ball, maybe beat up some hooligans (just kiddin), meet interesting tourists from around europe. but after? hmmm


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