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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

disturbing image of the week

NSFW: :flash: dragqueen.jpg – think before you click this, the image might get stuck in your head for … nah. its not that bad. or is it?


:flash: Firefox 3 Robot Themed Easter Egg – “Firefox 3, which was released on Tuesday, has a really cool Easter Egg. Just type “about:robots” in the address bar” [via waxy]

:flash: Mozilla Records 8DOT2 Million Downloads in First Day – “Mozilla’s Download Day ended at 11:18 PDT Wednesday, well on its way to setting its Guinness World Record goal with a staggering 8.2 Million downloads of the Firefox 3 browser — shattering all expectations the company had when organizing the event.”

:flash: What happens when Firefox renders a webpage? – “Inside Gecko is a visualization program created by Satoshi Ueyama, made with Processing which shows the reflow process of a browser while it translates the HTML code so as to present the page to the user.”

:flash: Spread Firefox | Download Day 2008 – “Download Day is here! Set a Guinness World Record Enjoy a Better Web”

comment: ff3 is awesome. but it still drives the cpu through the roof on my mac. so i’ll stick with camino. sadly. still. ffs. they said they fixed this.

online video killed the …

:flash: Slow-Motion Laughing Baby – “He just read last Sunday’s “Doonesbury.” babies are da devil ^^.

:flash: Totlol – Video for Toddlers, Infants, Preschoolers and Parents – “Totlol is a brand new community-moderated video website designed to be enjoyed by those between the ages of 6 months and 6 years.” [via frenzy]

:flash: the Trons – self playing robot band – “the Trons practising “Sister Robot” in the lounge before their up and coming Ignition Fringe Festival shows!” botband rawks.

:flash: – mach si stolz – cool animations for a mediocre swiss german hip hop track. not sure if it’s homophobic, towards the end you can spot a graffiti reading “fag”.

:flash: NSFW: A Beginners Guide To Sporn – “Since the Spore demo’s release, it’s become a bukkake wave sweeping the web: comedy pornographic images via Spore. Spornography – aka “Sporn”.”

:flash: my trip to liberty city – old. but still very funny. download it here.

:flash: PROOF
“Montage of girls giving the “Myspace salute” to verify their identity”

schmooze and abuse

:flash: Read at Work – literature presented as power point presentations so it can be read at work.

:flash: Why You Should Carry a Digital Camera At All Times – “Last Tuesday, Lori Mehmen looked out her front door in Orchard, Iowa and this is what she saw. She had a digital camera handy, and somehow managed to take this photo before crapping her pants and taking cover.”

:flash: hillmancurtis :: bridge – another rather nice hillman curtis short film.

:flash: The Microfame Game and The New Rules of Internet Celebrity – “There’s a new class of celebrity powered by the Internet. The stakes are smaller, but the rewards are within anyone’s reach. These are the rules.” [via swissmiss]

:flash: Age of Conan and other reviews – “And maybe that’s why it has sold so well – hardcore PC gamers finally have a game to really show off their machines.” yeh, and by not playing it manifest my hate of all things microsoft …

:flash: GIRL TALK – FEED THE ANIMALS – new mashup album, free to download, donations for the impending legal fees are already collected.

:flash: Puzzle Farter – exactly my kind of game: the goal is to fart about from level to level [via waxy]

:flash: Stewart Butterfield’s bizarre resignation letter to Yahoo – “In a long, rambling email to Yahoo executive Brad Garlinghouse, under whose aegis Flickr fell, Butterfield described the company as a tin-smithing concern, but found that there was no place for him as the company left its metallurgical roots.”

:flash: Charles and Ray Eames Stamps – “the Postal Service™ issued 42–cent commemorative stamps Charles and Ray Eames in a commemorative sheet featuring 16 different designs.” [via bb]

:flash: Swiss TV in German anthem blunder – “Swiss television has made an embarrassing error during live coverage of the European Championship football match between Germany and Austria” *chuckle*

:flash: SporeVote – “As part of marketing effort they have us competing for votes – the winner gets to donate 15K to the charity of their choosing.” how rather noble.

:flash: Accidental Breast Reduction Strikes Age of Conan – “uncom has stated that the changes to female characters’ breasts was an unintended side effect of the latest patch, and will be rectified shortly.” oh noes, smaller tits? one of the biggest selling points lost? fix that! now!

:flash: Blogger arrests hit record high – “More bloggers than ever face arrest for exposing human rights abuses or criticising governments, says a report.”

:flash: The IKEA Fancy Dress Dinner Party – “Oh! Those IKEA room displays! Entire rooms full of furniture, lighting, rugs and notions. […] It was an invitation that Jason Adair couldn’t pass up. He decided to have a Fancy Dress Party at IKEA.”

:flash: Naked Bike Ride 2008 – “i’m not naked you’re over dressed”


:flash: Neues iPhone kann fast alles, was ein normales Handy kann – “Allein die Tatsache, dass man jetzt im iPhone Namen suchen kann, indem man den Anfangsbuchstaben eingibt! Wow! Das kenne ich sonst nur von… jedem beliebigen anderen Handy” my point exactly.

ze’s corner

:flash: charity idea revised – “We could call it “Made of Money”. Basic concept: Money is collected and used as an art supply or building material for participatory installation(s), then at the end the money is donated to a charity.”

:flash: a fun charity idea – “we could build a small house out of spare change. we collect coins, then have an event where people can come and help build the house. Then when it’s over the money is donated to a charity that builds/operates homeless shelters.”

:flash: rational triggers for the emotoself – phrases people tell themselves to get motivated. and while i agree that my “mantra” (“i just wanna die”) is not exactly helping, this does sound a bit too new-agey-self-helpy to me. still cool to read through some of them.

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