that’s whatchu get from slacking …

apparently my blog has been hacked. pfff ffs. that’s what you get from slacking. i hadn’t updated my wordpress, because of all the “hacks”, lol, custom thingies, i had placed in my layout. it was gonna be – and it now would be a lot of work – to update my theme.

ok ok, i upgraded the software. and here it is in unhackable new wordpress code, ugly as hell, yet it will stay in the custom layout, aka the kubrick puke, for the time being. and i don’t think i can be arsed to work on this blog, that i am so utterly bored with anyway. read my occasional lame posts in rss … what can i say.

re: new wordpress: the new admin is better in some ways and really shit in others. like why do i need to bloody scroll to choose my categories??? meh.

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