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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

online video killed the …

:flash: Western Spaghetti by PES – very simple yet innovative stop-motion animation.

:flash: I’m Not Here to Make Friends! – “I’m here to win.” to get laid, maybe?

:flash: Techno Chicken – “Puts a spin on the “Chicken Dance”

:flash: More Cowbell – a more cowbell slideshow, of sorts. [via bengston]

schmooze and abuse

:flash: Radiohead: New Radiohead Video is Shot with Lasers, Not Cameras – “Radiohead has shot its new video for “House of Cards” without using cameras at all. Whaa? Yes, they shot it using lasers.”

:flash: Tangible sequencer interface with Skittle – “Using a webcam, some cardboard, and a bag of Skittles, [Kyle McDonald] created this tangible interface for a beat sequencer.”

:flash: Hacker Sentenced to 2 Years for MySpace Cyberstalking – “A Southern California man who already served federal time for hacking into Lexis-Nexis has begun a state prison term for allegedly using his skills to try and extort phone sex from an internet celebrity.”

:flash: Licensing of photographs at Flickr photo service – “We invite you to take part in a study of users of Flickr photo service.”

:flash: Beyond the G8 Summit: Hokkaido’s Creative Side – “Hokkaido, where the summit takes place, is the large Japanese island distinctive for its undisturbed nature … there is a thriving art scene that very much deserves to be shown today.”

:flash: The Pirate Bay Wants to Encrypt the Entire Internet – “The team behind the popular torrent site The Pirate Bay has started to work on a new encryption technology that could potentially protect all Internet traffic from prying eyes.”

:flash: Trapped: mental illness in america’s prisons – documentary focusing on how prisons became the new mental hospitals in the usa. [via wmmna]

:flash: Nerdcore Rising: The Movie – “Nerdcore Rising follows MC Frontalot the “Godfather of Nerdcore” on his first national tour to reveal the roots of the genre”

:flash: octo-pied building – “a house with tentacular cancer – inflatable sculpture”. gav emy ideas, who knows…

:flash: Melted Signs In Leeds – with the heat we had, no wonder they melted.

:flash: Totem Destroyer – funnnn!!!! free!!!! flash online game.

:flash: Inbox Victory – “Have you ever been in the situation where you spend days trying answer all of your email only to accomplish your goal and have no one to share in your victory?”

:flash: Coincidence Photography – “This looks like sheer coincidence, they all look real, I bet you would agree to that.”

:flash: 11 Cartoon and Video Game Energy Drinks – “These drinks are cartoon or video game tie-ins – many of which are very rare or even collectors items.”

:flash: The Patchwork Years – “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stand up now and say, okay, these are the post-curation years? The world does not need another linkblog. What is required, frankly, is what we’re supposed to call “content” these days.” a rather good rant this.

:flash: In the black of this long night – “Attempt to organize Google Image Search results according to defacement tactics”

:flash: WLTF – “What is WLTF? Is a publication and an online project. Ok, it means Would Like To Fuck.” may be NSFW. i guess.

:flash: Suicide Block – “Homeless? Jobless? Broke? Hungry? Depressed? Kills several birds with one stone.. so to speak”

:flash: – The best free white noise generator on the Internet. – “Uses of White Noise: * Aid Sleep * Enhance Privacy * Block Distractions * Mask Tinnitus * Configure Audio Equipment * Soothe Migraines”

:flash: Beaming sounds into your head – “MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) is a device that uses microwave pulses to beam sound directly into someone’s head.”

:flash: Human Mirror at Improv Everywhere – “For our latest mission, we filled a subway car with identical twins, creating a human mirror.”

swiss party service

:flash: we party! – “we’d like to invite everyone – especially the readers of this blog – to our opening party of the new Zurich Office of Liip at Friday, 22nd August 2008.”

:flash: etoy.CORPORATION / Tanklocation Binz Raeffelstrasse 30 – etoy summerparty, today, saturday july 12. wish i wasnt busy already.

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