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[teh glorious interweb what got stuck in my :flash: camino tabs this past week]

hitler humor

:flash: Hitler Sings “The Jeffersons” Theme – “Adolf Hitler gives an inspired, soulful performance.” this had me chuckle all week.

:flash: hitlers – israeli artist creates a daily hitler cartoon and explains: “Just as Marilyn Monroe is an icon of beauty, the Dalai Lama is an icon of peace, and Mother Theresa is an icon of goodness and pity, Hitler is also an icon, whether we want to admit it or not. He is an icon of evil. But this icon has a taboo attached to it. We are prohibited from investigating it, prohibited from developing, prohibited from touching, prohibited from laughing.” [via rebel:art]

:flash: f..k! – sometimes one graphic says it all.

:flash: Nir Avigad: Der tägliche Hitler – weitere hitler humor/kunst links hat rebel:art gesammelt.

online video killed the …

:flash: Randy Pausch, “Last Lecture” Professor, RIP – Randy Pausch, “When Carnegie Mellon University professor Randy Pausch learned that he only had months to live, he turned his last lecture in September 2007 into a lesson on life. The lecture, titled Really Achieving Your Childhood Dream, became an Internet sensation. It was viewed over 3.4 million times on YouTube.”

:flash: tarantino’s mind – brasilian shortfilm decoding tarantino: “A film buff tells a friend that he’s finally broken “the code” – the mystery behind the character & story threads that bleed from one Quentin Tarantino movie or screenplay into the next.”

:flash: Font Conference – fonts hold a conference to debate whether or not to accept zapf dingbats into their ranks.

:flash: Only in Saudi Arabia – bored teenagers will do mad things all around the world.

:flash: stupid stupid stupid – flip flip flying salutes sugar hill gang, and it aint that stupid, mate.

:flash: Sexy Optical Illusion Video – “Stare at the X in the center of the model’s stomach.”

:flash: Crowd-Sourced Hairstyling – “This is how I got San Francisco to cut my hair. Crowd-sourced grooming in action.”

:flash: Ze Frank on The Sound of Young America on Vimeo – “Ze Frank talks with host Jesse Thorn about creativity, what works on the internet and why”

schmooze and abuse

:flash: Review: Nokia E71 Is a Legit iPhone Killer — We’re Serious This Time – “The E71 looks more like a Blackberry Killer, but don’t be fooled: This great white hope from Finland is a smart device that gives the iPhone a run for its money in a lot of different areas (yes, really).” nokia ftw.

:flash: be books online – “A short book about choosing if and when to have sex.” lolololol [via b3ta]

:flash: michael_hughes’ slideshow on Flickr – dude holding postcards and other tourist objects in front of tourist landmarks. [via b3ta]

:flash: Twitter anti-spam efforts go overboard – “It appears, that the service is stabbing at spammers based on a ratio of followers to followees. This works, but it creates issues like the above and it’s nowhere near refined enough.”

:flash: Celebrity Meter – “Are You Internet Famous? Use the Wired Celebrity Meter to find out how big a deal you really are.” i am a 67 ;>

:flash: One Fewer – Decide what I should do with my Range Rover Sport – “Since I moved back to San Francisco, I don’t need a car, so I want to take this SUV off the road for good. If I sold it, it’d just keep polluting with someone else behind the wheel. So I’m leaving what to do with it to everyone to help me decide.” some suggestions are hilarious.

:flash: Untangle The Quietus Mash-Up And Win An iPod Touch – osymyso made a mashup using samples from 50 songs in 8 minutes. if you manage to untangle it, means find all 50 original songs, you can win an iPod Touch. i failed misearbly to do so.

:flash: Cassette tape skeleton – “This skeleton of melted audio cassette tapes was created by artist Brian Dettmer. Titled “Skull #11”, we wouldv’e also accepted “Phantom of a Hot Summer’s Dashboard””

:flash: The Future of Food Waste: Composting Factories – “With food prices choking our wallets, you may be surprised how wasteful Americans are with food. Whether it’s fresh food gone bad or throwing good food out, 27 percent of all edible food produced in the US never even makes it to our plates.”

:flash: Mix Turtle – The Music Search Engine – amazingly fast music search [via de-bug]

:flash: Cassettes still a multi-million dollar industry… in prison – “Which brings us to the second advantage of tape over compact disc: a tape can’t be broken apart and used as a shiv. Prisoners are allowed to have them.”

:flash: Photographing thugs ‘is assault’, police tell householder snapping proof of anti-social behaviou – “A householder who took photographs of hooded teenagers as evidence of their anti-social behaviour says he was told he was breaking the law after they called the police.”

:flash: Twitter: The Evolution of Cat Blogging – “But others are asking: what’s the point? Those people just don’t get it. Clearly, Twitter is an amazing new way to blog about your cat.”

:flash: Segway Commandoes: ROOLLLLING THUNDER! – “Segway Commandoes. That’s right. The rolling thunder that is China’s eeee-light counter-terrorist unit is locked, loaded and good to go. Without further delay, I give you the mobile SWAT guys of Jinan!”

:flash: Online POKER marketing could spell the NAKED end of VIAGRA journalism as we LOHAN know it – “according to the latest Private Eye, journalists writing articles for the Telegraph website are being actively encouraged to include oft-searched-for phrases in their copy.”

:flash: FlashMinesweeper – minesweeper multiplayer game

:flash: The 20-year-old at heart of web’s most anarchic and influential site – praise 4chan: “The invisible hand behind many memes, apparently including the googled swastika, is a website called 4chan.”

:flash: Hundreds of baby penguins found dead in Brazil – “Hundreds of baby penguins swept from the icy shores of Antarctica and Patagonia are washing up dead on Rio de Janeiro’s tropical beaches, rescuers and penguin experts said Friday.”

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