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[teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version]

ok, ok, i might be the only one who likes cuil. yeh, for the privacy thing

:flash: How to Add Cuil to your Firefox Search – "You don’t even have to fill out anything in the form, just click the button and Cuil will be added! If you check the box, you can set it as your default search engine."

:flash: Ex-Google engineers debut ‘Cuil’ way to search – "Finally, Cuil is hoping to attract traffic by promising not to retain information about its users' search histories or surfing patterns – something that Google does, much to the consternation of privacy watchdogs." cool, or cuil that is…

smellympics in beijincorship

:flash: Web curbs for Olympic journalists – "Journalists covering the Beijing Olympic Games will not have completely uncensored access to the internet, Chinese and Olympic officials say."

:flash: Slow internet major problem at Olympics – "INTERNET connection is proving to be a major problem at the Beijing Games, despite Olympic organisers promising uncensored access."

online video killed the …

:flash: Get Your War On: The Watch List – animated get your war on: "that's right…whether you're a terrorist, non-terrorist, or simply a neglected unlisted terrorist, you still get a new GYWO episode every week."

:flash: Large Hadron Rap – "the flow is halfway decent, and it accurately covers a lot of knowledge related to particle physics and the LHC. Its by AlpineKat, alter-ego of a science writer currently working at the LHC."

:flash: DRAMATIC CAT – "this kitty cat loves watching TV gives a funny dramatic look once it realizes it's being recorded"

:flash: Banned Condom Commercial – hilarious condom commercial [via]

:flash: Meet Monkey – "BBC Sport is using the traditional Monkey King character in the marketing campaign for their Olympics coverage. Produced by Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn."

:flash: W. Teaser Trailer – "The teaser trailer for W. which based on the life and presidency of George W. Bush. It is directed by Oliver Stone and stars Josh Brolin as George W. Bush."

schmooze ande abuse

:flash: – what’s new? – “Delicious has a bold new design that is more powerful and easier to use, along with a revamped search that’s faster and more robust.”

:flash: Caregiver robots to take care of Japan's elderly? – "In Japan, they're developing robots to care for the elderly, in anticipation of the aging of the population, which will be 40% elderly by 2055." in my head i am debating if sex-robots would be more pathetic or not…

:flash: 50 Top Blogs analysed – Further Findings – "we used Technorati Top Blogs and analyzed 50 most popular blogs which appear there. We have identified important design problems and considered solutions for each of the problems separately."

:flash: 13 – an age to remember (or not) – Not! Lyndon Wade's portraits of pimply teenagers.

:flash: どこでもラストガイ – the last guy – generator turns any webpage into a gamemap. why not try my blog ^^?

:flash: Lazy Beggars – "We ask for Food, Wine, Joints and Cocaine (the original version) or for Beer, Wine, Whisky and the Hangover (the light version) – at least we're honest! :-)" and you can give them money using paypal. [via rebel:art]

:flash: iPirates risk jail time in customs frisk – "MUSIC fans might soon have their iPods searched by Customs officers at airport checks and face jail if a large amount of pirated music is found on them." mamma mia.

:flash: Ondertussen – a sign from god! true story.

:flash: 'FailWhale' Gives Frustrated Twitterers Something to Smile About – "Twitter's "FailWhale," the cutesy symbol that surfaces when the microblogging site goes down, is turning into a pop culture icon for the Web 2.0 crowd." that is so fail.

:flash: What the World Needs Now: Another Dell MP3 Player – "Back when the MP3 market was young, Dell tried to be a player with the Dell DJ. But it crashed and burned while Apple sewed things up to the point where even Microsoft's Zune is a distant also-ran. So, naturally, Dell wants back in now, five years later."

:flash: Baguette Keyboard Wrist Cushion – "Mmmm…baguette. If working at a computer is your bread and butter, then you owe it to yourself to upgrade to this deliciously plush baguette." [via swissmiss]

:flash: Anti-Bush Graffiti: 25 Countries, Six Continents – "As President George W. Bush nears the end of a mostly disastrous eight-year term, he too should be given credit for public appearances overseas." i should go through my flickr stream to check for anti-bush graffiti in bern. cause there is, trust me, there is …

:flash: The "Hug" That Killed A Blog – "For the supreme Goddess of the Universe, Ammachi seems somewhat overly concerned with her less-than-glowing online press, because it appears that Blogger has pulled the plug on the Cult of the Hugging Saint blog."

:flash: HOW TIE – "No problem…relax, take a deep breath, remember your days in the boy scouts, and study the oh-so-easy knot-tying instructions printed right on Fred’s handy How Tie." cool, but it’s still a tie, man. and i aint into auto-asphyxiation fashion. [via neatorama]

:flash: A Single Serving Site Pioneer Keeps Keeping it Real – "Rozendaal is a forefather of the current single serving sites explosion, and it shows in his work's standout beauty and interactivity." yeh nice, but think of the outrageous url-bill this runs up…

:flash: 75_SolidSteel_-_Podcast.mp3 – another fantastic strictly kev solid steel mix, this one is from 2002, re-published as part of their way-back-in-time series.

:flash: 20 Album Covers Recreated in LEGO – gotta love windowlicker. and some others aint half bad either.

:flash: Keira Knightley Refuses Breasts Enhancement For "The Dutchess" – "Keira Knightley has refused to allow any enhancement of her cleavage on publicity photos for her upcoming movie, "The Duchess," Britain's Daily Mail reports." me likee, small tities rule!!!

:flash: Twitter Cookies – “famous” tweets turned into fortune cookie.

:flash: The siren that broke my heart – "I'm not gonna pretend that you having two fish tails wasn't a bit weird at first, but I came to love you for it. I envisaged us laughing like children, living like lovers, rolling like thunder under the covers. I wanted to explore those fishy bits" quite an erotic hommage to the starbuck siren. loool

:flash: Back to the Grind in WoW — and Loving Every Tedious Minute – "And what do we do with this second life? We behave like obedient workers in a Soviet collective outside Stalingrad. Comrade, your job is to collect potatoes. For seven years. We pay $20 a month for this privilege. What the hell is wrong with us?"

:flash: Seen On The Streets Of Ann Arbor, MI – string cup phone.

:flash: RU Kidding Me? – "I am now asking any and all who know RU Sirius by name and (for better or worse) reputation, to send a note to Facebook explaining to them that I should be listed on their site under the name that will be recognizable to weird people" RU F[aceb]ooking Nuts?

recipe of the week [in german]

:flash: Johannisbeerkuchen vom Blech – looks delicious. [via habi]

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