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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

online video killed the … cat?

:flash: dj spock on the wheels of steel – "dj spock on the wheels of steel" poor sex in them fingetipps.

:flash: Fresh Prince Of Gotham – "For those of you that were Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air fans, here is what would have happened if the Joker took the place of Will Smith."

:flash: Snake Game Played on Dorm Windows at Urban Prankster – "A student group in Poland executed a series of projects where they used the lights in their dorm room to create awesomeness. In the above video you can see a game of Snake"

:flash: GUBA – sex in japan – 13 m. documentary on sex in japan. despite their public shyness the japanese might be one of the more sexually liberated countries in the world.

schmooze and abuze

:flash: Babies born 8/8/08 at 8:08; 8 lbs., 8 oz. – "Xander Riniker, surrounded by sister Chloe Shumacher, 11, and father Chad Riniker, was born at 8:08 a.m. on August 8, 2008 and weighs 8 pounds, 8 ounces." go Xander, go!

:flash: Switch – a wee bit of flash game fun to be had. [via waxy]

:flash: Social WordPress to Launch in December – "WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg announced that BuddyPress will be released before the end of the year. Based on the multi-user version of WordPress, BuddyPress has the features we all expect from a social network: friends, profiles, and tasteless photo galleries." maybe they could make em tasteful? please?

:flash: Steal This Hook? Girl Talk Flouts Copyright Law – "D.J. Girl Talk has won positive reviews for his new album and media attention for its Radiohead-style pay-what-you-want pricing, and is scheduled to play a gig at the All Points West festival in Jersey. Not bad for an artist whose music may be illegal." yeh like duh.

:flash: Temp Fortress 2 – "clever machinima built on Team Fortress, spliced with live video" [via waxy]

:flash: Malcolm McLaren + Vivienne Westwood = Terrorist – "Malcolm McLaren was a designer and boutique owner before he became the manager of the Sex Pistols. Now his son Joe Corre is following in dad's footsteps with a clothing line called, what else, "Terrorist.""

:flash: On the Internet, nobody knows your open-source Artificial Intelligence is a dog – "In a word, "Huh?" and in a lot of words, maybe they should start with birds that *don't* talk, like, say, house sparrows." not sure i understand the point he is trying to make, but this is one of these great titles only bruce sterling could come up with.

:flash: Risky Business Art – "KUNSCHT ISCH GÄNG ES RISIKO – (Mani Matter) Risky Business Art" this exhibit in lucerne looks very promising. [thx regine]

:flash: Germany hails 'bullet-proof bra' – "It is being dubbed the new "bullet-proof bra", a new kind of Wonderbra which could help protect thousands of women police officers here in Germany." yeh, but are they fondle-proof?

:flash: Make your own Glitter Graphics and Profile Comments – "Create cool pictures! Add Glitter, Graphics, and Comments to personalize your images, then share the Blingees with your friends! It's all Free!" very teenie, but kinda fun.

:flash: Craigslist Sex Troll Gets Sued – "Nearly two years ago, Jason Fortuny placed a fake sex ad on Craigslist pretending to be a woman seeking casual sex, and then published the photographs of anyone who responded. Now one of his victims has filed a $75,000 lawsuit against Fortuny in U.S. "

:flash: Hi-tech criminals target Twitter – "Micro blogging site Twitter is the latest target of cyber criminals who are increasingly finding fertile ground on social networks."

:flash: David Byrne & Brian Eno – Everything That Happens Will Happen Today – "Brian Eno and David Byrne recently finished our first collaboration in about 30 years." The single is available as a free download.

:flash: cupping_785458i.jpg – "A Chinese Olympic swimmer's back shows marks left from a traditional Chinese massage technique using suction cups." doping or not? that is the question.

:flash: GTA IV: Grand Theft Auto withdrawn in Thailand after copycat killing – "One of the largest video game distributors in Asia has halted sales of the Grand Theft Auto IV in Thailand after a teenager confessed to robbing and murdering a taxi driver while trying to recreate a scene from the game." ffs, fool! as if GTA needed more negative press.

:flash: Instant-Messagers Really Are About Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon – "With records of 30 billion electronic conversations among 180 million people from around the world, researchers have concluded that any two people on average are distanced by just 6.6 degrees of separation" i think i am 6.66 degrees away from kevin bacon, muhahahahahaaaa.

:flash: Nullriver NetShare – "Nullriver created an App Store app called NetShare, which enables an iPhone to share its EDGE or 3G Internet connection with a Mac or PC via Wi-Fi." "Soon thereafter, though, NetShare disappeared from the store."

:flash: how beer is produced – the truth. orly.

:flash: A Collection of Olympic Torches – "each olympics is expected to produce a logo, a signature building – and a characteristic torch that symbolizes local tradition and national character." focus on torches. neat.

:flash: WILLIAM LAMSON / Work / Intervention / Works / 1 – balloon blocks CCTV camera.

:flash: EFF Releases "Switzerland" ISP Testing Tool – "Until now, there hasn't been a reliable way to tell if somebody — a hacker, an ISP, corporate firewall, or the Great Firewall of China — is modifying your Internet traffic en route" sure but calling the project "switzerland" is the lol. switzerland is about as neutral as an opportunist whore, selling arms and materials used in weapon production of waring countries left, right and middle. or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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