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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.


:flash: Handbook of Online China – a slideshow on the internet in china, as [via de-bug] says, know your enemy.

:flash: OLYMPICS Opening Ceremony Singing Scandal – "It is an awful statement that Yang Peiyi is not pretty enough and has some crooked teeth to represent her country. It must be so hurtful to her pride and self-esteem but amazingly, she’s taking it positively." i woulda prefered the gap-toothed one to the puppet-like one.

:flash: Bird’s Nest Stereo Speakers Really Doesn’t Look Like a Nest – "The Birds Nest Stereo speakers are extremely unique looking thats for sure. Supposedly this item operates as stereo speakers but I’m not even sure if it looks like a birds nest…"

:flash: 2008 Beijing Olympic “Bird’s Nest” Designed MP3 Player – "The 2008 Bejing Olympic Stadium “Bird’s Nest” Mp3 Player. We highly doubt this is official but you can choose from 1Gb to 4GB in size…oh wow!!"

:flash: Pékin 2008, les larmes en direct de Laure Manaudou – "ben je sais pas parceque j'ai meme pas envie de nager" the hilarious tv interview with french swimmer laure manaudou cracking up after her loss. [en francais]

:flash: one-world.jpg – one world one dream

online video killed the …

:flash: LAN Party Massacre Teaser trailer – "a horror movie for geeks" announced for early 2009. [via bb]

:flash: The Dark Knight (kids version) – "This Wonderful Mockery of the Dark knight done by children. Good Job Kids!……" [via b3ta]

:flash: Evil Nine – They Live! – "Music Video for Evil Nine 'They Live!' out now on Marine Parade" [via bengston]

:flash: BBC Two's Horizon on "The Electronic Frontier" in 1993 – "Continuing the series of portrayals of technology from the VHS era, here's another contribution from Martin Brewer, who brought us the first episode of The Net. This is another BBC Two show, an episode of Horizon from 1993 on "The Electronic Frontier.""

:flash: Snake Slithers Into Reporters Pants On Live TV – begs the question, is snake in the shorts the new snakes on a plane? [via neatorama]

:flash: Metal Gear Solid 4 "Save the world with your fingers" – "Funny Video inspired by Metal Gear Solid 4 – Check out the fingers!" oh no, its the attack of the fingers.

:flash: Penis Song – Monty Pythons – "The penis song, from monty python's the meaning of life, sung by Eric Idle" [thx for the reminder]

:flash: Wii Fail – "wiii fail cause: getting dryhumped by a huge dog"

:flash: LAME and HORRIBLE Video Game Endings – "I just saved you a bunch of time, money, and aggravation trying to beat these games. Now, go outside and read a book!" gee thx man.

:flash: 'Paris for President' Parody Strikes Viral Gold – "Socialite turned political spoofer Paris Hilton has hit web gold with her faux bid for presidency."

:flash: Messiah Remix goes off!!! – "DJ Holy Ghost and special guest appearance from MC David Rodigan!"

:flash: Barack Roll – "Senator Obama just BarackRoll'd you (like a rickroll… only Presidential)."

schmooze and abuze

:flash: Terrorist Teapot – "By having the Terrorist Tea Pot on your side, you will be able to make a mean pot of tea everytime!" terrorists wear balack skimasks? thought the black block did.

:flash: Blog Action Day 2008 – "In 2008, the Blog Action Day theme is Poverty. Bloggers are free to interpret this as they see fit." i resist to say, oh that's poor…

:flash: War On Terror board game seized by police – "A War On Terror board game designed in Cambridge has been seized by police who claim the balaclava in the set could be used in a criminal act. The satirical board game was confiscated along with knives, chisels and bolt cutters, from climate protesters during a series of raids near Kingsnorth power station, in Kent, last week."

:flash: Internet Memes – the offical internet meme timeline? [via b3ta]

:flash: You Don’t Need It – "They are easy to carry around town and by placing the stickers onto advertising (or other objects) the ad is detourned, often in humorous and interesting ways. " a personal note to the The Anti-Advertising Agency, please hire me!

:flash: LOL Bush: The president at the Olympics – "LOL Bush: The president at the Olympics"

:flash: iPhone 3G Disassembly – if you can't make it break it.

:flash: coign of vantage – "Put your spatial perception into perspective with this 3d puzzle game. Assemble as many images from an abstract cloud as you can before time runs out." [via waxy]

:flash: Paul McCarthy's Dog Poo Creates Havok In Berne – "A giant inflatable dog turd by American artist Paul McCarthy blew away from an exhibition in the garden of a Swiss museum, bringing down a power line and breaking a greenhouse window before it landed again, the museum said Monday." oh no, the attack of the huge dog shit.

:flash: Twitters model is partially broken: Europe the first casualty – "The fact is, Twitters model has been partially broken from the outset, and the close down of European services is indicative of that. It’s also indicative of a telco community who can’t see the wood for the trees. Most importantly, this was an opportunity for Twitter to truly experiment with it’s model." well said alfie.

:flash: What's Wrong With the 3G in iPhone 3G? – "Specifically, people aren't happy about how fast the iPhone downloads data over AT&T's wireless network. Many have reported that the phone frequently switches from the faster 3G network to the older, slower EDGE network without warning"

:flash: YouTube – "I Am Rich" Guided Tour – the $ 999.- i am rich application for the iPhone. irony. only 8 copies were sold, now a cracked version is available.

:flash: Wurstteppich – looks comfortable. for like dogs or sumink.

:flash: Google Translate now for iPhone – "Google Translate for iPhone is optimized for speed, supports all of the existing Google Translate language pairs, and uses a client-side data-store on your iPhone to hang on to your past translations so you always have them at hand, even if you can't use the local data network."

:flash: Jobs Confirms Kill Switch – "In a rare gesture of openness, Apple has revealed data about iPhone application sales and confirmed the existence of a "kill switch" to disable malicious applications." kk, i think its safe to say, apple is now officially more evil than windows ever was.

:flash: The Pirate Bay Blocked in Italy – "The Pirate Bay has been “censored” in Italy following an urgent decree from a deputy public prosecutor. Pirate Bay’s IPs and the domain name are inaccessible, as they are blocked by ISPs all over the country. Whether these blocks will be very effective, however, is doubtful, since The Pirate Bay has already announced several countermeasures."

swiss focus

:flash: Swiss Alps Cheesemaking – "My visit of a 8000'/2400m high cheesemaking chalet in the Swiss Alps where cheese is still made like 300 years ago – and not one tourist in sight! "

:flash: Swiss artist touches a nerve in Iceland – "Christoph Büchel has infuriated citizens of Reykjavík by plastering posters around their capital. He used a poster for the right-wing Swiss political party SVP which shows three white sheep kicking a black one off the Swiss flag. He translated its slogan, “Creating security”, into Icelandic. [thx regine]

:flash: rss art (nyffeler) – "Zum schönen Sonntag ein besonders schönes (Netz-)Kunstprojekt, das zudem – was die ganze Sache nochmals schöner macht – auf die eine oder andere Weise zum Mittun animieren will." very kind words for our project by miss.gunst

:flash: Swiss Gangsters – "In Switzerland, even gangsters try to be efficient and civilized … Three days later, I received an e-mail from a local postmaster. The Post Office found my wallet in an official yellow Swiss mailbox. All the cash was gone, obviously. But my ID cards, credit cards and even old receipts were still there" [via swissmiss] or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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