black block/urbanskills/ec cd

der schwarze block
today, in bern/switzerland, we finally discovered the mysterious “schwarze block” en:black block, that the media has been writing about so extensively.

i am pleased to announce, that the fear surrounding the black block stands no ground. the black block is in truth made up of cardboard, sprayed in black, empty and therefore absolutely harmless … *pheew*

2 must-see events in bern/switzerland:

grosse halle/bern/switzerland: urbanskills invited 7 internationally known grafiti artists to paint twenty walls. on the plywood walls slides were projected to create an amazing effect. some photos here soon!

zaffaraya/bern/switzerland: electronic ceremony is a label dedicated to bringing together electronic music scenes from different cities. today they release their first compilation cd. the release party starts 21.00. be there.

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