‘ot ‘ot summer

summer is great, many aspects of it. but there is one detail i particularly like:
when walking down a street in the heat sometimes you’ ll hit a spot where the asphalt is totally soft, almost like caoutchouc – which btw has got to my favorite english spelling –
c a o u t c h o u c.
your foot sinks in just a little, wobbeling for a moment, exhilirating you, putting a spring in your step.
that’s a fantastic feeling!
now there is a bridge, where i memorised all the soft spots, and when i pass it each day, i carefully make shure to hit each one of them. i have developed quite an elaborate routine with this. people who see me walking must think i am rehearsing my squaredance steps or something.
but here is my question: why can’t asphalt always be this soft and sensual? i am shure technically it could be done. and i am convinced, that the world would be a much better place with this. people would happily walk everywhere. wobbeling down the lucious sexy rubber streets. simling, whisteling a tune. caoutchouc uhhh

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