launching vegetarian-not warchalking symbol [edit]


i am trying to launch a new urban graffiti symbol, comparable to the wifi graffiti symbols aka warchalking, indicating that a place – restaurant, takeout or other – that is selling food as vegetarian is actually lying.

non-vegetarians please feel free to just smirk this one off, but if you are vegetarian you must know the situation: you buy food claimed to be vegetarian, but when you start eating it you notice distinct traces of fish or meat in the dish. it’s very upsetting because it involves a breech of trust. you want to trust that people actually sell you a vegetarian dish when they claim they do. this happened to me last night at a thai takeout here in bern. the food just reeked of fish oil and ended up spat out in the sink and got thrown into the garbage can.

what to do about it? well you could go the long way, because there are actually laws protecting people from this. but who wants to go through the trouble? even going to talk to the guy, who runs the place, seems like a bummer, he will just deny it. much easier would be an urban annotation system, where you tag the place in question with a symbol, that the people in the know will recognize to stay clear of the place, while others just ignore it.

i am thinking of the dynamic v, that we often see when vegetarian food is depicted, but traced across. i will try to draw one later and post it here.

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