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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version. oh boy, long list again this week. i should probably get a day-job. and i wish i would/could.

ipod touched

:flash: iPhone App Developer s Frustration – "Let’s face it, a number of iPhone developers are pissed at how Apple has been treating them — the prohibitive $100 fee to register as an Apple developer, the proprietary development tools, the overreaching nondisclosure agreements (NDA), the possibility of your app being banned. Worse, developers are cowering in fear and playing along lest Apple get temperamental and exclude them from collecting their slice of the very profitable Apple pie." the timeline.

:flash: Another Competing iPhone App Zapped By Apple – "I’ve said before that Apple should not reject apps unless the code is malicious. More important is to have criteria applied equally to all apps. Making up new reasons to reject an app only makes a closed platform appear even less open, especially when the app may appear to compete with Apple. Apple should be treating its app developers like royalty. These people are going to keep the iPhone as the platform of the future."

:flash: Announcing: Zen Bound! – "What is 'Zen Bound'? In short, Zen Bound is a calm and meditative game of wrapping rope around wooden sculptures – a simple task that can become surprisingly complex." coming to the iphone/ipod this fall, a sure will-buy. [via waxy]

:flash: Loot Master Released on iTunes – loot master looks like an interesting game for ipod touch. but sure yet, wait to hear fromm someone who played it.


:flash: Germany arrest over gamer death – "A man arrested by police in Germany on suspicion of the murder of an internet gaming enthusiast in Nottingham is facing extradition proceedings."

:flash: Games less virtual, more reality – "While most massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) are based on fantasy worlds, there is a growing trend for a new kind of game that merges the real world with the virtual. "

:flash: A Car's life – YouTube game (1st Level) – "How to play:
A "Click" button would appear for a quick second, time your click perfectly to advance ahead. Happy gaming!!"

:flash: The Superstruct Game – "Superstruct is the world’s first massively multiplayer forecasting game. By playing the game, you’ll help us chronicle the world of 2019–and imagine how we might solve the problems we'll face." starts october 6. [via zefrank]

online video killed the …

:flash: tourette's weatherman blooper – "Everything seems fine and dandy, until he gets a nasty tick. No better way to play it off on live TV than to shut up and smile! :-P" his smile after the blooper makes it.i sometimes wish i had tourette. as an excuse.

:flash: grey fluffy clouds – "Made a video for this hilarious song off the Y4K album… little grey fluffy cloud… monotonous, and dull …" so right he is, what a stupid question, what were the skies like when you were young.

:flash: Jesus Is My Friend by Sonseed – as warren ellis put it, "You must all suffer"

:flash: collection of videos that make you feel better – "i’d like to get a collection going of media that you watch when you need to feel better" i added the frolicking sheep video we made in ireland.

:flash: kammenos dimosiografos – the show must go on, radio speaker keeps reading while behind him a fire spreads.

:flash: Bill O'Reilly on Sarah Palin email hack – "Looks like Bill O'Reilly skipped the First Amendment section of Journalism 101. He thinks owners of websites that posted Sarah Palin's hacked emails should be prosecuted along with the hacker who broke into her account."

art and design

:flash: Metal plates send messages to airport x-ray screeners – "the pictures say it all, it's a "carry on" communication system. These metal places contain messages which will appear when they are X-Rayed." brilliant, but depending on the message you place, this could make for a looooong session with airport security. By Evan Roth.

:flash: Nina Katchadourian – Sorted Books – combines book spines to create short stories. [via bb]

:flash: Annamarie Ho – Betelnut Girls – "Betelnut, a mild stimulant, is consumed throughout Asia; only in Taiwan, however, is it sold by binlang xi shi, scantily-clad girls in glass booths found on street corners and highways, catering to a clientele consisting primarily of working-class men. Binlang Xi Shi (Betelnut Girls) recreates one of these booths with a hired actress playing the role of the betelnut girl."

:flash: Peter Thuvander – Iyo Yoyo – "An induction powered yoyocharger for Apple. And since solarchargers don´t work at night or in Sweden half the year, this should be a smash hit. " hope this goes into production.

:flash: Vitra Eames Elephant – "To celebrate the 100th birthday of Charles Eames in 2007, Vitra introduced a limited anniversary edition of the Eames Plywood Elephant, the legendary furniture sculpture that was designed in 1945 but never produced for general distribution or sale." made of plastic. me want one. [via swissmiss]

:flash: The Tantrum Throwing Alarm Clock. – "This is the alarm clock that pounds its fists and opens its mouth while "shouting" its alarm. As your selected wake-up time approaches to within five minutes, its feet and body will begin to glow, and when the alarm sounds, it begins tapping its arms lightly" for those of us who don’t have kids (yet).

:flash: lotus beachball – a rather nice anim gif

:flash: "In Case Of Civil Unrest…" – 1. Remove cement 2. Break into pieces 3. Throw

:flash: Conflux 2008: notes from the panel Cartography of Protest and Social Changes – "On Sunday September 14, i had the great pleasure to host a panel on Cartography of Protest and Social Changes with 3 artists and activists i admire a lot: Brooke Singer, John Emerson and Lize Mogel."

:flash: Stefan Sagmeister installation removed by Amsterdam Police – "It seems that the Amsterdam police were called by a resident of one of the overlooking buildings early Sunday morning to report that someone was “stealing an artwork”. As the story goes, people were pocketing a few of the coins, which was also expected, but things got a bit out of hand when a resident saw this happening. So the police responded, and, in a rather bizarre instance of police efficiency, they proceeded to “secure” the artwork, by sweeping up the entire installation." lolololol

:flash: Welocme to Songbike – "The "SongBike" is a mobile broadcasting unit for bicycles that composes compositions based on the locations that it travels to. The resulting sounds are uploaded to the project's website while instructions for building your own bike and recording/broadcasting unit are also included." typo, their’s.

:flash: magda trzaski – "i really enjoy reading about how artists work, and how much everyone's process varies. here, i'm going to try to share some of my process with you. i hope you find it interesting, and please leave your thoughts." very inspiring artist blog [via raymi]

schmooze and abuse

:flash: How to Clean Stuff – what sounds pretty dull, turns out to be quite interesting.

:flash: FRED CIGARETTES – Lausanne – Switzerland – politically correct swiss cigarettes without additives, with “get firefox” logo and the website – i assume – under a CC license. almost makes you want to start smoking again.

:flash: F*** You (What's on her mind ?) – "Why a little girl on her age doing act like that ?
Maybe she's only follower from TV action, I don't know.
I can't understand."

:flash: Muxtape – "There was a popular misconception that Muxtape only survived because it was “flying under the radar,” and the moment the major labels found out about it it’d be shut down. In actuality, the labels and the RIAA read web sites like everyone else, and I heard from them both within a week or so." the story of muxtape told by its creator.

:flash: MySpace takes aim at iTunes – "One of the most intriguing features of MySpace music is that it will give users the option to create playlists of up to 100 songs, and listen to them all for free. Typically, streaming music supported via ads does not allow users to pick exactly what song they can listen to, or will only make available a limited number of songs from each artist."

:flash: Project 10 to the 100th – "Maybe the answer that helps somebody is in your head, in something you've observed, some notion that you've been fiddling with, some small connection you've noticed, some old thing you have seen with new eyes."

:flash: Radiohead/ Remix/ Reckoner – "After the overwhelming response to the Nude Remix Project, Radiohead, iTunes and Garageband are teaming up again giving you the opportunity to remix "Reckoner", another track from the band's latest album "In Rainbows"." with a facebook widget so artists can pimp their remixes.

:flash: Prosthetic Fetishes and Fan Erotica: Sci-Fi Predicts Future of Sex – "To give the sex-tech revolution a virtual dose of Viagra, Grenzfurthner invited dozens of sci-fi authors, technophiles, sexperts and futurists to San Francisco for this week's Arse Elektronica, a three-day conference about the ever-titillating intersection of sex and technology."

:flash: 370H55V license plates – 370H55V if read upside down spells … he he

:flash: Man farts at officer, charged with battery – "While being booked at the police station "[Jose] Cruz then allegedly moved closer to one of the officers and passed gas, the station reported. In the complaint, the investigating officer wrote that police noticed a 'very strong' odor." As a result, Mr. Cruz was charged with battery."

:flash: Bespoke veggies in Omotesando – vegetarian restaurant in japan [via joi]

:flash: P8tch: welcome – "The QRCode on the p8tch is a URL. If you scan the code with your iPhone, Mobile Safari will take you directly to that URL. If it's a Google Maps link, your iPhone will take you directly to the map. If it's a YouTube link, you'll see the movie fullscreen. Cool, right?" [via hannes]

:flash: Where is Your Username registered – exactly what it says on the tin. nice one [via swissmiss]

:flash: MixTube – "Create and share audio playlists made from YouTube videos."

:flash: G1 Android Phone: Neither Open nor Exciting – "It is not a 'wow' device but it is an interesting launch for Google and a good first effort,"

:flash: Home of the GoogleGoatse Shirt – "Google logo. Goatse. T-shirt. Shirts are 100% cotton, made by American Apparel. Available in white only." [via waxy]

:flash: Poken™ – "Open-API-based Poken technology will become the standard for connecting people in the real world and enhancing their interactions online. Poken revolutionizes your social networking experience. It’s reviving the handshake… With a twist. Connect where it matters: when you meet face-to-face. Be real." [via laurant haug]

:flash: PlayStation 3 video DRM: two strikes and you're out – "As one Ars reader found out, and Sony confirmed for us, you have to be careful about what happens to your system once it's filled with video content: you have one download, one redownload, and that's it. "

:flash: a long ass walk :: AfricaTrek – "a remarkable story about a couple that walked from south africa to israel :: a mini series is coming out on PBS soon"

and last but very much not least

:flash: Panti-Christ World Domination – “panties made for women who know what they want. designed in switzerland since 2003” or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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