squarepusher – just a souvenir

“New Squarepusher album, exclusively available on Bleep NOW in advance of the CD & LP release on October 27th. Album is available as a bundle only, including a digital booklet.”

squarepusher creates complex music, always brilliant, sometimes genius, but definitely never easy to listen to. what i mean to say, it’s not music intended for background listening, you actually should give it time and space. nevertheless his latest album seems almost ideally suited for iphone/ipod touch. each track comes with individual album art, nothing too dramatic, but subtle changes in color and pattern. very pretty shit on the pretty screen of my pretty ipod touch.

oh, and i also bought the new bomb the bass album, while i was at it. epic. needless to say that bleep.com remains the best mp3 download store there is.

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