iPhone / iPod Touch UI – what sucks about it.

everyone (and their dog) has been raving about the iPhone/iPod Touch UI. and so am i. it’s amazing. wow. fantastic. i love it and try to show it to everyone i know. but. i have been using it for a few months now, and as some of you may know, i am a complete iPod noobtard, i had so far successfully not believed the hype. now some of the limitations of the UI are starting to seriously piss me off. so here are my questions:

– why can’t i delete music directly from my iPod Touch? (i would love to scan through albums and discard the crap on the fly. and i hope it’s not me being a n00b here. i have found a way to delete videos, but for the life of me i can’t seem to find a way to delete mp3s)
– why won’t the iPod just simply mount as a drive that lets me upload my data, not just the music and videos, but also any type of file, to transfer from one of MY computers to another? (yes yes, i can do that with air sharing, but that’s a weird work around. and the app now costs money)
– why am i forced to handle my data using iTunes?
– why can’t i download music from my iPod to tranfer it from one to my other computer? (and i did authorize them both!)
– why do i even need to authorize computers?
– why all the DRM crap? (don’t even get me started on that one)
– why can’t i write emails in panorama view? (i mean without having to get another app to do just that)
– why isn’t there a button to switch back to upsidedown view from panorama view in my mp3 player? (sometimes the wildest of shakes won’t switch views, and many functionalities are only … oh wait)
– why are so many functionalities limited to just one view in the mp3 player?
– why can the mp3 player run in the background while i browse other apps, but many other apps can’t do that?
– why can’t i copy/paste?
– why am i slowly but surely being pushed towards wanting to jailbreak a device that i paid good money for? (because most these things i ask are a given in jailbreaked devices)

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