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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

economic crisis

There's one way to get people using Banks again… – I suppose this creative solution would only work for men though.

I'm ready to make a deposit – another rather creative b3ta solution to the banking crisis

Strike, Collapse, Rethink – "Taking the lessons of Buy Nothing Day one step further, many culturejammers began advocating a General Consumption Strike as the appropriate tool for reshaping the basis of our economies"


Man killed wife in Facebook row – "A man has been jailed for life for stabbing his wife to death over a posting she made on the social networking site Facebook." and we always think the danger will come from elsewhere…

Caught on camera: The 'Artful Dodger' aged eight who stole thousands… but is too young to face charges – "He stuffs the loot in his pockets and darts out from behind the desk just in time to escape the notice of security guards who have entered the store. With astonishing cheek, the boy approaches them and horses around – firing an imaginary gun – before strolling out."


world of goo – "This will get you the Windows version right away and access to Mac / Linux versions when they are ready (they are currently in beta). The Wii version is available on WiiWare. " this game looks very nice.

Why LittleBigPlanet Is Web 2.0 For Games – "I have seen the future of user-generated content on consoles, and it is the Beta version of Media Molecule's much-awaited LittleBigPlanet" shut up and give it to me already.

Preview: Gomibako (Trash Can) – "MAKUHARI–Think Tetris, but with garbage. That's the simplest description of Gomibako, a PlayStation Network puzzle game" iPhone/iPod Touch version, please.

Q&A: World of Warcraft Lead Producer J. Allen Brack – "We are interested in making WoW the most fun game that we can make it and that’s sort of been our philosophy for the last four years, it’s going to continue to be our philosophy. So, as far as Warhammer, I’m excited to see more games come out, I’m a gamer, I love playing games …"

online video killed the …

RiP: A remix manifesto – "In RiP: A remix manifesto, Web activist and filmmaker Brett Gaylor explores issues of copyright in the information age, mashing up the media landscape of the 20th century and shattering the wall between users and producers." and where can i download it?

La Pequeña Sarah Palin – "… a small candidate" muy disturbing.

Head Over Heels: Literal Video Version – "Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music video? Well now they do, in this second installment of literal videos!"

A Shared Culture's Web – "We were fortunate to have renowned filmmaker Jesse Dylan (director of the Emmy Award-winning "Yes We Can" video) offer to create a short film explaining the ideas behind Creative Commons."

Cute Monkey waiters in Japan – at the end of the video, which incidently made me kinda sad, the monkey seems to eat some edamame.

John Cleese on Sarah Palin – "The former Monty Python star shares his unsparing thoughts and views about vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin." good point, Sarah Plain is so absurd, monthy python could have written it. oops typo, nvm.

art & design

imbue – Drug Vend – "imbue takes his controversial 'Drug Vend' sculpture to Brighton Pier… "

Reset Cups for when you need to Ctrl/Alt/Del – "The ultimate in geek chic porcelain comes from MOD Design in Taiwan, whose little cups and circuit board saucers offer a tea break for those moments when you need to reboot or force quit your computer." [via neatorama]

TRANSFORMERS Guillaume Reymond – "l'artiste franco-suisse Guillaume Reymond présente un nouveau projet incroyable. Cette série de performances TRANSFORMERS rassemble divers types de véhicules, qui, assemblés selon des chorégraphies précises, font apparaître de gigantesques robots vus du ciel."

Porter x Buzz Rickson x William Gibson – "Porter, the famed Japanese bag makers, are back with a new collection of vintage military-styled bags"

The Art of the Brick: Life Size Replicas – "What would be better than another you made completely out of LEGO bricks?" [via neatorama]

schmooze and abuse

TAG A DUMMER – Howto turn Hummers in to Dummers. Upload Gallery and more.

McCain Photoshop contest! – "Thanks to Reuters for the excellent fodder! We're too lazy to photoshop this pic, but you might not be…" excellent material, terrible photoshoppery, but kinda worth it to scroll down to the LOLcats one.

Queen has fit of Google giggles – "Internet giant Google was given the royal seal of approval when the Queen had a fit of the giggles during a tour of its London headquarters." apparently that laughing baby video caused the fit of giggles

Internet use 'good for the brain' – "For middle-aged and older people at least, using the internet helps boost brain power, research suggests." pheew.

Tell McCain to End the Politics of Hate – "We urge you to join people of conscience from all races and backgrounds to reject the politics of division and fear, and come together to uplift the country and create a more equal and just society."

2008 – Poverty – Blog Action Day 2008 – "In 2008, the Blog Action Day theme is Poverty. Bloggers are free to interpret this as they see fit. We invite bloggers to examine poverty from their own blog topics and perspectives" drawing a blank, and hey, i guess that's poor

Poolga. iPhone and iPod Touch wallpapers for the rest of us. – "We love our iPhones and we love customizing them. But we hate the standard wallpapers and cheesy nature themes available everywhere. That's why we create our own" [via swissmiss]

mccain flags – "while i was putting flags in poo around venice, people stopped, and smiled, and took photos and chatted and overall, became happy. maybe it was the message, or maybe it was the act."

Swiss town converts nuclear bunker into 'zero-star hotel' – "Tourists in Switzerland can soon sleep in the world's first "zero-star hotel," a former nuclear bunker several yards below the ground." looks very cozy.

Employees, not hackers, cause most corporate data loss – "According to a new study from Compuware, IT departments should take a bow—only 1 percent of corporate data losses this past year were due to hackers." or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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