just a few linx 002:

celebrity defacer: this is cool little tool, there’s only 1 regret:
it would be fun to have an upload function, in order to see other people’s celebrity defacements.
here is frenzy’s keanu:
keanu is dracula
[via webzen –> evil clown generator]

name that porn: the porn industry’s hilarious adaptions of classic movie title’s have been a considerable source of amusement over quite some years now. and of course there is a website dedicated to this. at name that porn you can suggest your own title for such a remake. very funny: the no change necessary section.
only regret here: there should be a list of such title adaptions, that were actually made. or did i just not find this?
[via —>

sick doggy: chris bishop’s minimal blog, that i absolutly love for its scruffy design. and then he has stuff like this. absolutely true! and that.
[via reverse cowgirl, who i dissed here earlier. silly me. i apologize!]

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