Der Sprayer von Zürich in Bremgarten bei Bern

harald nägeli piece in bremgarten b. bern

i recently went for a walk with my mum in bremgarten, the village near bern where i grew up. there we walked past this old graffiti by harald nägeli, one of his characteristic stickfigure drawings, who was known in the late 70’s and early 80’s as “der sprayer von zürich”. my mum remembered, that back then one of our neighbors hid nägeli in his house, when the heat was on in zürich and all over the media, trying to find this very public graffiti artist. harald nägeli, the compulsive artist that he was, couldn’t help himself but do some of his work in our hood ^^. my mum told me, that most other places his work had been removed, but this piece stays intact, albeit fading.

the exact adress of this piece is bündackerstrasse 120, bremgarten b. bern

as an aside, nägeli is only 5 years younger than my mother, and as such did not fit the proflie that people had of a graffiti artist.

find more information on the very interesting story of harald nägeli on wikipedia [in german only]

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