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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

bush going out in “style”

Attack of the Bush Shoe-Toss Games Continues – "The surge of games, videos and creative websites that pay tribute to an Iraqi journalist's presidential shoe-toss continues to grow." for instance: – “Hold up your shoe for Muntadar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist who was arrested for throwing his shoes at President Bush. We don’t condone shoe throwing, but we prefer it to war.” *holds up shoe*

Bush: "I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system" – "Yesterday on CNN used yet another line of doublethink when during an interview- while visually flustered/strained- said he has “abandoned free market principles to save the free market system”. This logic is just pure idiotic words from a beat down leader who is doing everything he can to save his legacy." dumbya.

Merry Christmas from Santa Bush – "Despite voters' overwhelming rejection of Republican ideology in the 2008 election, the GOP is using the waning days of the Bush administration to ram a host of harmful regulations down our throats. These last-minute regulations are not subject to any oversight — they will be completely legal once Bush signs off on them — and will have lasting detrimental effects upon our health care, environment, civil liberties, and labor practices." a michael moore joint.

Shoes from nowhere! – one particulary great rendition of the shoe incident on b3ta.

online video killed the …

Nigella's XXXmas – "Not Safe For Work. Nigella describes her Christmas treats with rather more sauce than usual." cook show mashup produces almost NSFW result.

Dog Malfunction – first i chuckled, then laughed, then rofld. [both via b3ta newsletter]

Prune: The A's To Our Q's – "The "Bébés Domestiques" are genetic hybrids mixing pets and children. Through happenings in London, Brussels and Tokyo, they're adopted by new families chosen by their mum-artist: Prune Nourry" as disturbing as it is great.

Love Songs – "A compilation of songs with LOVE in the title." i like the software scroll to visualize it.

Video: Robots Have a Sex Life? (NSFW) – "Michael Sullivan has a thing for robots, sex and stop-motion animation. His ongoing film project, The Sex Life of Robots, shows animated bots practicing moves that seem to be ripped right out of a twisted, industrial Kama Sutra."

schmooze and abuse

The zero" New Year Countdown – "So we'd like to take advantage of the end of year quiet spell to look back on our favourite 31 tracks for 2008, and tip our hats in appreciation to all of you who have supported zero this year by giving one of these 31 tracks away for free every day!" and to dscover this on day 13 would make me a late adopter.

Sky says 2012 London Olympics could be in 3D – "Europe still isn't the place to be for limitless HD content, but London in particular could be a 3D extravaganza come 2012. The host city for the next Summer Olympics may be coming to your living room like never before, as Brian Lenz, head of product design and innovation at Sky, proclaimed that "there is a very good chance you'll see the London Olympics in 3D."" and how long till 3D holograms of athletes in my living room? blanca!!!

Not quite what I had in mind. – ""Wow. I just got fired." I was immediately distressed." personal account of how the flickr designer got fired.

Cake request for 3-year-old Hitler namesake denied – "The father of 3-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell, denied a birthday cake with the child's full name on it by one New Jersey supermarket, is asking for a little tolerance." yeh yeh this has been all over the blogs first and news later, much much later, but still so bloody unbelievable.

The Periodic table of Awesoments – "The Periodic table of Awesoments can be a very useful tool. It's designed to show the relationships between awesoments, and often one can even predict how awesoments interact simply by their positions on the table."

In the future, everybody will be famous for 15 megabites – "In 1968, Andy Warhol famously forecasted, “In the future, everyone will be… famous for 15 minutes.” Of course, he was right. Personal computers and the Web have democratized the tools of media so that most anyone can create and distribute their own content without the need for deep-pocketed middlemen."

Fake News Index: Charting the Media Parody Industry – "Which fake news—past or present—best fits your tastes? This matrix chart reports, you decide."

Mastering Your WordPress 2.7 Theme & Admin Area: Tips and Tricks – "You may find your Themes no longer work the way you are used to. It could be that they might be broken, because something in WordPress that was fundamental to them changed, but it’s also possible that you can get them working again by updating some settings, or maybe just a small edit."

Noby Noby Boy 1UP Spotlight – "We've been playing an early preview version for the past few days. Check out our findings and the first real screenshots from the game."

It's a stretch: Explaining Katamari creator's new Noby Noby Boy – "Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi is nothing if not one of gaming's most endearingly (and deliberately mischievously) unorthodox figures, and today's first look at his next near-finished PS3 downloadable creation Noby Noby Boy is proof positive."

Year In Ideas 2008 – "Welcome back to the Year in Ideas issue. For the eighth year in a row, we have compiled an alphabetical digest of ideas, from A to Z Start Reading (almost), that helped make the previous 12 months, for better or worse, what they were." great content, not so great interface.

Self Destructing Webpages: Coming Soon to a Browser Near You – "Advertisements have always been around, but gone are the boring link ads or stationary banners, now ads are interacting with their host pages." not sure i like this idea. not at all actually.

MusicBox: Mapping and visualizing music collections – "I finally had the time (and the computer!) to put together a demo video of MusicBox. This video, more than the others on this site, shows a wide range of features, all from the most recent version of the software."

Indian navy captures 23 pirates in Gulf of Aden – "The Indian navy captured 23 pirates who threatened a merchant vessel in the lawless waters of the Gulf of Aden and a German naval helicopter thwarted another attack Saturday on a freighter being chased by speedboats off Yemen." i bet the pirates said "Yarrrr".

Katamari rolls onto iPhone – "Namco Bandai has quietly released a tilt-sensitive port of Katamari Damacy for the iPhone. I Love Katamari is necessarily downsized from its console and handheld big brothers, but fully 3D …" first i thought wow, and bought it right away. then i played it and wanted to throw my ipod touch on gthe floor. buggy, slow, irritating. or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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