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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.


Communist Christmas – Happy Communist Christmas, cuz there's a red star up on the tree. [via wurzeltod]

a very mario christmas – super mario xmas decoration

Betrunkene Weihnachtsmänner randalieren … – "Betrunkene Weihnachtsmänner sind "randalierend" durch das neuseeländische Auckland gezogen. Laut einem Sprecher der Gruppe wollten sie gegen "die Kommerzialisierung des Festes" protestieren. Die Gruppe taucht immer wieder weltweit auf." drunk santas riot in auckland.

The joy – Banksy’s comment on the xmas sale frenzy

online video killed the …

Henrietta and Merna Can't Sing – Go Tell It On The Mountain – "Listen as these two unfaithfully reproduce "Go Tell It On The Mountain" using a karaoke tape, and tell it on a mountain that they just cannot sing." these two are a pure expression of joy and enthusiasm.

Surfer on the News – surfer re-inventing language on fox news. hilarious.

Cartman and South Park conduct a website review meeting (Parody) – "Funny video showing what it might be like to work with Cartman."

schmooze and abuse

we wanna be your mp3 – “as we've said we have a noizy and dirty present for you – we are off to light up Xmas trees and get really drunk – and we give you this to blow up your speakers – and destroy your neighbor's windows and nerves” oh lord, how very mature… but the mix is ok.

iPhone fart app pulls in nearly $10,000 a day – "Apple’s App Store is currently experiencing a plague of fart applications. Last week, I detailed one day in which at least 14 new fart apps were accepted into the store. And now, just in a quick search, it looks like there are about 50 apps all dedicated to making fart noises on your iPhone or iPod touch. Classy, I know, but why are there so many?" file under: trends that should make you worry.

Wilmaa – swiss service that allows you to watch tv in a browser, quite good quality too, but why the need to register? [via hannes]

Eldery Japanese are Turning to Crime – "Loneliness and tough economic times are hurting everyone, including the elderly Japanese, who are now turning to petty crime in increasing numbers"

6 Musicians Who Predicted Their Own Death in Song – "Everybody dies. That's no secret. Even you, you're going to die some day. Accept it. Once you accept it, write a bizarrely specific song that details how exactly you're going to die, live up to your prediction and voila!"

GPS Elephant Drawing – "Jeremy Wood of GPS Drawing has a large canvas: the world. He uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to record and render his movement into a drawing on a map. I’m particularly fond of this 11.2 km (about 7 mi.) long GPS elephant in the streets of Brighton and Hove, UK"

Vote for the Sexiest Geeks of 2008 – "Every geek's a little bit sexy, somehow. Maybe it's the glasses, the hot talk about black holes or the Asperger's-like obsession with sci-fi, science or gadgets. But which nerds really moved the sexy needle in 2008?"

ArsRss – "ArsRSS re-reads between 100 and 120 art and new media related RSS feeds every four hours, caches the feeds and completely re-writes its database of words found in the feeds. This makes for fast response times both for searching across feeds and for accessing individual feeds."

Thank You, Porn! 12 Ways the Sex Trade Has Changed the Web – "The sex industry is behind many innovations that today's Netizens can't live without, as well as some nasty bits we wish had never existed." in good and bad ways.

MySpace Bans Project Playlist; Facebook Defies Same RIAA Request – "Over the weekend, in response to pressure from the RIAA and major labels, MySpace shut down Project Playlist’s widgets and banned the service from the site." or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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