you can help …

mobilephones to start purring: Purring Kitty turns the vibro of your nokia mobilephone on – for good! here is how they pitch it:
“Girls, are you tired of spending your evening staring at your mobile, waiting for a man to call?
Guys, does your girlfriend wait up all night whilst you’re out with the lads, waiting for you to call her?
Well no longer, help is at hand! The Purring Kitty transforms Nokia mobile phones into discrete, vibrating massagers.”

burning man to keep burning: burning man, the great summer outdoor festival/party/ritual, uniting free spirits from around the whole world in the deserts of nevada each year, is in danger. please sign the: burning man petition

littlegrayguy to get more pussy: now this cat has it good.
and i do mean a kitty cat! not cat as in 60’s lingo cool dude=cat.
pose nekkid with littlegrayguy, puuuhhlllllleeeeeaaassseee. oh this is deliciously silly.

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