ruff linkage 200905

teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version. not much edited this week since i am on vacation.

Keep Austin Zombie-free – "Driving my son to school this foggy Monday morning in Austin, I encountered important new construction-related information for rush hour drivers:"

iPhone Rubik Cube Solver Is Pure Genius – "CubeCheater—a Rubik cube solver in 20 moves—is one of those iPhone applications that make you smile when you see it in action because it is simply pure genius."

Sexy PETA veggie advert rejected for Super Bowl (anyone surprised?) – "PETA, the US-based animal-rights organization that uses sex to sell its message, has brought on the booty yet again. In a PSA (Public Service Announcement) the organization submitted to NBC for broadcast during the Super Bowl, long-legged half-naked women are shown getting it on with a variety of vegetables, including the unlikely pumpkin. "

Seed: 2009 Will Be a Year of Panic – "So 2009 will be a squalid year, a planetary hostage situation surpassing any mere financial crisis, where the invisible hand of the market, a good servant turned a homicidal master, periodically wanders through a miserable set of hand-tied, blindfolded, feebly struggling institutions, corporations, bureaucracies, professions, and academies, and briskly blows one's brains out for no sane reason." the grim bruce sterling predictions for 2009.

65 лет назад была снята блокада Ленинграда – photoshopped images combine photos of modern day city with second world war images.

Swiss police spy marijuana field with Google Earth – "Swiss police said Thursday they stumbled across a large marijuana plantation while using Google Earth, the search engine company's satellite mapping software."

Napping: the expert's guide – "A short afternoon catnap of 20 minutes yields mostly Stage 2 sleep, which enhances alertness and concentration, elevates mood, and sharpens motor skills."

Muxtape Information – "Welcome to a preview of the new Muxtape, a minimalist platform for bands to promote their music and listeners to create mixes." the new muxtape focuses on networking tools for bands.

The Designers Republic Is Dead; Long Live The Designers Republic – "After 23 years of brain-aided communication, the much-admired, much copied studio, The Designers Republic closed for business on Tuesday. But, as its founder Ian Anderson tells CR, it will rise again."

Tuesday – "All week I've been carrying around paper eyes with me. I put tape on the back of the eyes and stuck them onto random things I passed by."

No Wifi? No Problem. Gmail Releases New Offline E-mail Tools – "Google has gone a long way toward solving the biggest drawback of web-based e-mail — what do you do when there is no internet connection? Google aims to solve that problem with new offering that will enable Gmail users access from their browsers even when they aren't online."

voice draw update – "updated version of the voice drawing app :: a little bit easier to manipulate, but still quite difficult. A couple images I made below :: I was able to get a bit more representational with this version…are you having any luck?"

2009, Four Weeks In… – "Ok, I should start putting up some downloads on this blog. The first one is a mix that I did last summer for The Quietus it's an 8 minute long mash-up with 50 tunes in that was used in a competition." osymyso mixes always are the shiznit. or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.


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