zurich bans phonecams: contd.

ban the cam? nono!
clickie to see biggah pictie]


part 1 of this “schildbuerger” saga here

after realising, that this is a more complex issue, than they first thought it would be – you can’t simply waltz in and ban a type of mobile phone from the public domaine – the “experts” in zurich/switzerland are now demanding, that phonecams emit loud, annoying sounds, when taking a picture.
this feature could not be switched off, thus making it “impossible” to take voyeuristic fotos in a sneaky way.
well, gee thanx …
could you please demand a corresponding ear-plug-system as well, so people who use these phonecams for normal fotography can protect their ears? …

and who says, that voyeuristic fotos cannot be taken with other cameras, even classic non-digital ones?

20min, daily swiss free newspaper, informs that this is already happening in both basel and in zurich

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