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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

track of the week

Kids (MGMT Cover) – "Control yourself Take only what you need from him A family of trees wanting to be haunted" happy music. [via waxy]

online video killed the …

BB Video: David O'Reilly, "Please Say Something" preview (animation) – "Today's Boing Boing Video is an excerpt from a new work by the avant-garde animator David O'Reilly — a tale of love and domestic abuse involving a digital cat and mouse."

Space invaders extreme: Hexstatic/Kris Menace arcade mashup video – "Above is the latest from LCD Soundsystem/Air/Moby remixer Kris Menace and Ninja Tune videoholics Hexstatic, doing the hyper-color arcade mashup 'Invader'."

Clean Coal Air Freshener! – "Now with new and improved labeling! In reality, there's no such thing as clean coal. Learn more. Join the campaign." directed by the coen brothers.

Oscars 2009 SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Kids – the slumdog millionaire kids on the red carpet. the small guy is hilarious.

Dance your Ph.D – “Those who saw the results of the first ever "Dance Your Ph.D." contest know that the human body is an excellent medium for communicating science–perhaps not as data-rich as a peer-reviewed article, but far more exciting.”

Sweet Gratitude! – "I saw Tiff's tute this morning before work and resolved to try it the minute I got home. A few commenters had noticed an error in the direction of the dom hand" honey, take off your tutu, dinner is ready”

schmooze and abuse

The Husband Project – "As part of my course we have to complete an FMP (Final Major Project)For mine, I have decided to do something a little bit different and ensure that I am remembered for years to come! I have chosen to focus on the subject of marriage and am going to attempt to find myself a potential husband over the next three months." is this disturbing or hilarious? [via b3ta]

Tiny Art Director – "I just want everyone to know that although she is a very outspoken critic of my artwork, my daughter is really a delightful and well behaved girl!" illustrator posts his daughter’s critiques of his work. hilarious.

As mankind covered the globe in concrete, flora had to adapt, – “clinging on to the rooftops and window ledges of the man made mountains and flourishing at new altitudes. Risking starvation from its dwindling food supply, the giraffe has adapted to survive in its new habitat.” me likeee girafeee.

Change the Web Challenge – "Social Actions' Change the Web Challenge is about building innovative tools to help people find and share opportunities to take action on the websites, blogs, and social networks that we all visit everyday."

Why the Japanese Hate the iPhone – "Japanese citizens possess high, complex standards when it comes to cellphones. The country is famous for being ahead of its time when it comes to technology, and the iPhone just doesn't cut it." the japanese and i are right, fuck the iPhone (long live the iPod Touch!)

FAKE ALBUMS – the latest facebook meme using random searches in wikipedia, quotations and flickr to create fake album covers.

Christian Faur – Crayon Series – "These individual “pixels” of wax are precisely stacked into specific locations inside of wooden frames to produce a new art form that uniquely balances the qualities of both photography and sculpture." crayons as pixels. one of them ideas we wish we had, no? [via bb]

World of Warcraft Epic Collection Steins – gamer kitsch, world of warcraft steins. no worries, hunn, i won’t get one. but they are fantastic. [via bb]

Pimps Go Online to Lure Kids Into Prostitution – "She was a 16-year-old California girl looking for trouble on MySpace; he was a 22-year-old self-described pimp who liked the revealing photos she posted to her profile. Three weeks after they met on the social networking site, they were arrested together in real life outside a cheap motel in Sacramento, 50 miles from her home. She was turning tricks."

The Great Corn Weenie Remix Challenge – "Since burning out on the blogosphere, I've buried my head in my Wednesday morning radio show, and my radio show has somehow become obsessed with a little piece of audio officially known as "Learn to Speak Hawaiian," but more commonly referred to as "Corn Weenie." Your mission is to remix this little gem and mail the remix" great sample material.

Zen Bound from Secret Exit – "A calm and meditative game of wrapping rope around wooden sculptures." after slow food comes slow games?

Quake boosts browser video games – "Classic game Quake III will be re-released for the web browser on Tuesday, highlighting the rapid development in web games."

And what was set to happen… – "What was the logical next step? Anonymous peer to peer! Here comes OneSwarm, “privacy preserving peer to peer”, not yet fully anonymizing users (the concept is friend to friend rather than peer to peer) but a step in the direction of totally anonymous downloads." laurent as usual with a smart observation.

Los Penetrados, Santiago Sierra's political porn photography – "Couples are geometrically arranged into compositions of up to 110 bodies with two colours. The Acts feature the various possible combinations of penetrator / penetrated: white man-white woman, white man-white man, white man-black woman, white man-black man, black man-black woman, black man-black man, black man-white woman, black man-white man." i love regine’s eye for things.

John Hodgman on "meh" – "Did I ever tell you people how much I hate the word "meh"? Nothing announces "I have missed the point" more than that word." arrrghhhh, trying hard not to say it… but it would be too obvious.

Fail Stickers – Publicly call out real life FAILS – "A simple sticker for publicly calling out real-life failures." meh. (oops)

Sword of My Mouth #1 Out Soon – "What if the religious right… are actually right? Without warning, multitudes of Christians float bodily up into the sky. For the immoral majority, life goes on pretty much as usual." comic book free to download.

Four Bad Bear Markets – chart comparing the dow crash 1929, 1973 oil crisis, tech crash in 2000 and the current crash. as it seems, it’s a good one!

Hit 'send,' then hit the door – “Farewell e-mails become an art form in this age of pink slips. Some are funny, some are sad — and some are just plain furious.”

I WANNA BE ON VVORK – "iwannabeon VVORK" and it worked.

I survived the Bush Administration (2001 – 2009 – "You're still here and he's Gone! Show the world you are still alive!" [via bb]

Report: Steve Jobs has logged off – Posting this for the motto at the end: "Otherwise I suggest you heed the immortal words of Shirdi Sai Baba: "Before you speak, ask yourself: Is it kind, is it true, is it necessary, does it improve upon the silence?""


Lift has started – "Follow all the talks and more on [which is like being there without the fondue]. So far so good. We have 800 people at the conference and already some great talks this morning!"

Hannes at LIFT09: Day 1. "Where did the future go?" – "Hi. I'm currently at LIFT09 in Geneva, and after the workshop I moderated yesterday, I could start enjoying – if only the whole thing wouldn't be slightly disappointing overall." and oh boy, maybe we can be glad not to be there?

swiss habi focus

ich wünscht’ ich wär kreativ… – habi has started to stick paper eyes on things, maybe more in bern soon?

ein samstag nachmittag in der stadt – habi made a nice panorama HRD shot of the train station in bern, switzerland. or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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