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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

the ermconomy

LET IT DIE: Rushkoff on the economy – "With any luck, the economy will never recover. In a perfect world, the stock market would decline another 70 or 80 percent along with the shuttering of about that fraction of our nation’s banks. Yes, unemployment would rise as hundreds of thousands of formerly well-paid brokers and bankers lost their jobs; but at least they would no longer be extracting wealth at our expense." you tell em, douglas.

Layoff: financial crisis through a match-three casual game lens – "a match-3 casual game that attempts to drive home the realities of the credit crunch and its effect on the average worker by making each play-piece an individual with a back-story visible just before you swap them over to "lay them off."" this sends the right message: it’s all a game.

Don't keep calm and carry on. – in reaction to this:

Keep Calm and Carry On – "Nowadays, of course, it would be farmed out to an expensive communications agency. Back in the spring of 1939, it was an anonymous civil servant who was entrusted with finding the slogan for a propaganda poster intended to comfort and inspire the populace should, heaven forbid, the massed armies of Nazi Germany ever cross the Channel."

online video killed the …

On stage with Tim Berners-Lee – "182 minutes of video that will tell you a lot about how the Web was invented, and where it is going. All the people who attended and that I had a chance to talk to left completely amazed by how intact the passion still is in all these guys’ hearts." the whole video is now available.

electric stimulus to face -test4 ( Daito Manabe 's friends ) – "upper left: Muryo Honma upper right:Setsuya Kurotaki, lower left: Motoi Ishibashi lower right: Seiichi Saito" [via bb]

Heavy Metal Monk – "Meet a monk on a metal mission." Rawk on, Fratello Metallo.

Let's Go Crazy! – "A mom in Pennsylvania posted a 29 second video of her 18 month old baby dancing on YouTube. In the background, the inspiring music was Prince's song, Let's Go Crazy. Can you guess what happened next? Prince's record label, Universal Music Publishing Group, sent YouTube a cease-and-desist letter, YouTube took the video down and warned mother Stephanie Lenz that further copyright infringements would force the website to cancel her account. " Crazy!

Rapping Flight Attendant – "There were three terrorists on this plane, but they changed their minds after the third song." ohhh come on, that's not a funny comment.

schmooze & abuse

Remixing RiP: Two blogs debate the hit copyright documentary – "RiP has its problems and its detractors. While critics are overwhelmingly heaping praise on the doc (and Gaylor) some, like the National Post (shock!), see a shallow flop. Among the best critiques of the film I have come across is Laurence Miall’s, posted on his blog."

Special Olympics takes on use of 'R-word' – "March 31 is being billed a "national day of awareness," a call to Americans to recognize and rethink their use of the word "retard," or as the organization would prefer, the "R-word."" now that’s r… erm … rather stange.

Urban Art Guide – adidas created an urban art guide for the iphone that will be launched in berlin. not too sure how to feel about it, but hey … i am old school.

Web Semantics: 140-character grammatology – "I heard British novelist M John Harrison yesterday describing how the construction of identity is changing because "culture," the factors that acculturate people, have been smeared all over the planet by the Internet. And he sees this is as a challenge for novelists because literature is a description of how people are; it's about structures of meaning and feeling. And the structure of literary language needs to respond to, or even *lead,* new structures of meaning and feeling." the word “smeared” says it all.

Gmail's New 'Undo Send' Feature Saves You From Outbox Regret – "A new feature for Gmail aims to rid your life of that classic "Oh Shit" e-mail moment. "Undo Send" puts a five to 10-second hold on all outgoing messages. If you addressed an e-mail to the wrong person, let slip with an embarrassing typo or simply said something you really, really shouldn't have, Undo Send can be a lifesaver." the much needed panic button.

Slip-no-more Bath Bananas – "To ensure a sure-footed shower, peel these bananas and apply them to the floor of your bathtub or shower stall. Turns out, bananas ARE good for your health." [via neatorama]

Floating Above Commuters – "German performance artist Johan Lorbeer appeared to be floating in mid-air in a Madrid train station, to the delight of commuters." O.o. we have a floater.

9 Creative, bizarre and unexpected ways of using logic puzzles – "Sudoku Pizza: This unexpected puzzle creation takes Sudoku a giant step forward: it is also very tasty, especially if you like your pizza with exactly 9 toppings arranged differently on each slice." would be even better, if there were some bits left out to solve still.

Water Footprint Chart – "Making the right choices to reduce your water footprint" i was glad to see that tea is better than coffee. i am a tea person all the way now.

Like Punk rock, like sheds, then this is for you. – "Cardiff based punk band Punks Not Dad have written a little ditty about their shed and what they get up to in it, the majority of the lyrics would ring true to many a sheddie .." punks not dads rofl.

'Twittering' threat to US trials – "The verdicts in two US trials are being appealed against because jurors made comments about them on social networking sites."

Finn creates USB 'finger drive' – "A Finnish computer programmer who lost one of his fingers in a motorcycle accident has made himself a prosthetic replacement with a USB drive attached." finns!

BUCKYBALLS : The Amazing Magnetic Toy You Can't Put Down – "Use them to hold even the heaviest items securely to the fridge. Kneed them in your hand for stress relief. Throw them at any metal surface for a game of high tech bulls-eye." [via swissmiss]

Make Small Talk – "It's the junk food of conversation: quick, sugary, sickening in excess—and unavoidable. Thomas Farley, editor of etiquette guide Modern Manners, has these tips."

20 years of the first paper about the World Wide Web – "What is perhaps even more intriguing was that I felt to what extent how their vision of the future was still grounded and shaped by their early vision and by their aims. Their objective, as twenty years ago, is still to “help people finding content, documents and services”, the early utopia of Memex/Arpanet/Internet/Xanadu/the Web."

Is There Really a Green Gadget? – "You recycle, bike to work, and growl at coworkers who don't compost their lunch scraps. But how can you ride your high horse with that mercury-filled cell phone ringing in your pocket? It's not like you have an option, right? Wrong. Green gadgets do exist." or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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