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joi in dubai

Followup to my post on Dubai bashing – "It's just that I've learned over the years that strategy, context and an understanding of the situation on the recipient side of the message you are trying to send is essential in causing change. Thoughtful and persistent pressure by organizations like Human Rights Watch, combined with contextual local activism is, in my view, the foundation for positive long-term change […]"

Dubai bashing and ‘what-aboutery’: Joi Ito – many comments on boinboing

Dubai bashing and 'what-aboutery' – "In summary, I think that if you're looking for fast money or a "rags to riches" dream, I would recommend against going to Dubai. On the other hand, if you're looking for a safe place to park while you explore opportunities or culture in the Middle East, I think Dubai is fine, for now. The food is good, there are great people, the culture is diverse, most of the infrastructure works and the laws are, relatively speaking, friendly to foreigners compared to the rest of the region. That's why I moved there and so far I'm not regretting my decision." the original post.


Man Builds Chair That Tweets His Farts, Single-Handedly Justifies Twitter's Existence – "You know those guys (and gals?) who are just, like, super proud of their farts? Thanks to this cool guy and Twitter, these assholes can indulge their disgusting habit without wrecking our noses."

Fart fight gets nasty – "Police said a fight over flatulence in Waco, Texas, left one man stabbed and another facing an assault charge." my nightmare come true, killed for farting. but you sure this did not happen in wacko, texas?

online video killed the …

Der doppelte Ashton – "Gibt ja auch das Video dazu. Und viel Bonus Medienphilosophie." the ashton pwns CNN video. and laconic german comment.

schmooze and abuse

Dork Yearbook – young dorks posing with their puters.

The Pirate Bay Four Found Gulity, Will Appeal – "Famous in part for spreading albums leaked prior to release, The Pirate Bay defendants ironically learned of their loss via a court leak hours prior to the official announcement. "Really, it's a bit LOL. It used to be only movies, now even verdicts are out before the official release," Sunde tweeted." goddamn swedes, always first too liberal then too harsh. happened before with drugs, porn and now internet piracy.

G20 officer quizzed over death – "Ian Tomlinson, 47, was struck and pushed over by a police officer during G20 protests on 1 April in the City. Now a fresh post-mortem examination has found he died of abdominal bleeding, not a heart attack, as first thought." goddamn pigs, beating people with sticks.

BBC airs, releases program under Creative Commons license – "In its continuing efforts to experiment with new ways of handling its content, the BBC has started producing a monthly technology program that it will make available for download under a Creative Commons license." goddamn beeb, always trying to be the best tv station.

013 – Yellow Submarine – The Fort Greene Childrens Choir (Age 7 and Under Section) – "Yellow Submarine is perhaps the most important Beatle song. It is important because it explains a central question I’m dealing with in this project. Why are the Beatles so huge, why do they never go away? […] Because kids love them!" and kids singing yellow submarine, now that … just brings tears to my eyes. and i mean real tears, not metaphorical, sarcastic tears.

Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait – "I've never had any interest in football (that's soccer for you, American friendz.) Never ever. I come from a country that never won any championship (and if they ever did, i still don't care), i find men in shorts a rather pathetic affair and i just don't get sport on tv anyway. There's been only one exception to the rule until last week and it was Eric Cantona." is eric cantona officially the follow-up to your demis roussos obsession then, regine?

Woman publishes book full of text messages sent to her dead husband's cell phone – 65-year old Toshiko Fukuda of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, lost her husband to asbestos on April 17th last year. […] Shocked, the widowed Fukuda started sending text messages to her dead husband every time she thought of something she wanted to say to him."

Our book is coming out! Our book is coming out! – "At long last, the book Jason and I have been working on for a couple of years is due out on June 23. That book would be Ad Nauseam: A Survivor's Guide to American Consumer Culture. Some of it was previously published in some version in Stay Free! and some of it is original to the book."

Pornocalypse Now – "If Orwell had been born in 1984 rather than 1903, he would be a member of a subset of young men whose lives have been framed by two critical shifts in the mental landscape: the collapse of the global superpowers (USSR/US) and the rise of the pornography industry."

Inside the precision hack – "At 4AM this morning I received an email inviting me to an IRC chatroom where someone would explain to me exactly how the 100 Poll was precision hacked. Naturally, I was a bit suspicious. Anyone could claim to be responsible for the hack […] After talking to ‘Zombocom’ (not his real nick) for a few minutes, it was clear that Zombocom was a key player in the hack. He explained how it all works."

Precision Hacking – "Not only has the poll been swamped to promote Moot (the pseudonym of the creator of 4chan, an image board and the birthpace for many internet memes) as the most influential of people, the poll crashers have manipulated the order of all the other nominees so that the first letter of each line spells out ‘marble cake"

Signspotting: Stickman to the Rescue! – "At least the stickfigures are easy to understand, often suffering miserably so that we might stay safe."

LOL – "The world's inventory of lols, according to Google."

Contrail – Biking Community Tool – “As you ride, contrail leaves a faint chalk line behind your bike. The goal is to encourage a new cycle of biking participation by allowing the biking community to leave a unique mark on the road and to reclaim this crucial shared space.” it’s all good, except the name. too close to cuntrail.

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