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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

ze lightsaber meme

Dayglo Lightsaber Battle! – "3,000 blacklight-reactive, meter-long cardboard tubes will be distributed in Teen Plaza, where there will be massive blacklight cannons aimed at the crowd!"

captain fatbeard – “wait, pirates and lightsabers?” you ask. watch and learn.

humm… – light saber! now deffo the meme of the week.

online video killed the …

minivan highway – 3 odd guys making odd music.

Play him off, keyboard cat – gah, they had to spoil it with a cat video. but still funny.

Naked Wizard Tased By Reality – "three overweight cops take down one neo-hippie and his very small penis." his knob really is sensationally small. and there would be more to say about this video. there would.

WoW Intervention! – "Your friends are concerned about how much you play World of Warcraft." with a twist. or two. or sixty-nine.

The Stockholm Syndrome – "Wyatt Cenac travels to Sweden to wake them up from their socialist nightmare." the abba dude might be in the next part. priceless.

daichi – "amazing japanese beatbox guy"

Sneezing ultra slow motion – "A strange PSA from South Australia of people sneezing in ultra slow motion,set to opera music." gee thx australia, some of us sneeze for other reasons than th flu, hayfever comes to mind, and we will feel even more gross now. as will everyone around us.

baby preacher – "It doesn't matter what you say, but the way in which you say it." [via bb]

Susan Boyle – Singer – Britains Got Talent 2009 – "47 Year old Susan Boyle wows the judges with her performance in the auditions for Britains Got Talent, singing I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables." i am also 47 years old… and you know you are way out of touch, when your mum tells you about this.

schmooze and abuse – now featured in 1000 megapixels! – a pretty whacky webdesign, that.

Famous Last Tweets – "Allowing celebrities to reach out to their fan base in such a direct manner must keep their management teams in high alert, which makes us wonder what would’ve happened if troubled stars from years past had known the power of Twitter. We did a little soul/Twitter searching and came up with a collection of "Famous Last Tweets" that sadly never were."

To Tweet or Not to Tweet – "You say the brevity of Twitter enhances creativity. So I wonder if you can keep your answers to 140 characters, like Twitter users must." and the twitterites did a great job. it’s all in the subtext, baby.

Blogger Wrote Sensationalistic Post Title … And Was Burned at The Stake! – "Alex titled his post "Daughter Helps Dad Fight Cancer … By Breastfeeding Him!" – a sensationalistic and misleading title that led Neatorama readers to believe that the woman in question had actually let her father suckle on her breast (like Pero in the Roman Charity, as pointed out by fellow reader TwoDragons) – rather than giving him breastmilk that she had pumped earlier in the day." that’ll teach ya. or not.

Ooh-la-la indeed: Maggie Wang's Fruit Brute, Space Channel 5 Sack-dolls – "My two favorite (as above), an Ulala Sackgirl, inspired by Tetsuya Mizuguchi's neo-future swinging-60's rhythm game Space Channel 5, and (far more left field) the Fruit Brute Sackboy, indeed inspired by the long-forgotten General Mills cereal mascot." that’s sackboys, KNITTED! i motherfucking want one.

Scarygirl by Nathan Jurevicius – a very very beautiful browser game.

The Unusuals – this tv serie looks very cool … [via bb]

LEGAL/LAWYER OUTSOURCING WINS VICTORY IN ALI G LIBEL CASE – "Seems a woman who once knew the comedian claimed that Cohen [on HBO’s Da Ali G Show] libeled her by name during a spoof interview with historian Gore Vidal by claiming to have had sex with her […] To the contrary, it is obvious that the Ali G character is absurd, and all his statements are gibberish and intended as comedy. […] No reasonable person could think otherwise.” caps not mine.

Google Maps Typography – "Over the course of several months beginning October 2008 to April 2009 I've spent some of my spare time between commercial projects searching Google Maps hoping to discover land formations or buildings resembling letter forms." [via schwitzmitz]

Electric Bird – "Not only should you stop, you should fuck off as well."

Susan Boyle could be biggest YouTube hit of all time – "Susan Boyle's Britain's Got Talent video is on track to become the most popular video in the history of YouTube, amassing nearly 100 million views in its first nine days and earning the producers of the program a serendipitous, potential windfall that should already be in the millions."

Google rolls out search changes – “Google has launched two experimental products it hopes will change the way users search for pictures and news. A feature known as Similar Images uses a picture rather than text to find other matching images. Timeline presents information already available in Google News but organised and displayed chronologically."

waterboarding – "LEGO recreation of the torture technique known as waterboarding, which has been used by the USA in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay and Bagram airbase, as well as in other "black sites" in the name of the War On Terror."

80+1 – A Journey Around the World – "„80+1 – Eine Weltreise“ lautet der Titel dieser bis 5. September 2009 anberaumten Expedition, die bei 20 Themen und an 20 Orten Station macht. Keine physische, sondern eine virtuelle Reise via Satellitenverbindung und Glasfaserkabel, die den zentralen Fragen unserer Zukunft nachspürt. Pressemappe_PK_80plus1_090421.pdf"

WOW Pod: For the Professional Raider – "Modeled after a Horde hut, the WoW pod is designed to be an "immersive architectural solution" for advanced World of Warcraft players with in-game responsibilities that keep gamers chained to their computers, unable to step away from the MMORPG for even a couple minutes. In addition to housing a computer and its necessary peripherals for playing the addictive title, the WoW pod offers canteens filled with spring water, a toilet built into the seat (which has surround sound speakers), a hot plate, and food packs." unbelievable as it may seem, this project is real … omg

Chris Morris – Blue Jam Monologues (video) – "I recently discovered a whole series of Chris Morris monologues from his 'ambient radio comedy' series Blue Jam on YouTube."

Why Google Is The New Pirate Bay – "Google now can and does do what the Pirate Bay has always done," Edelman says. "And if they're prosecuted, they would have much more interesting arguments in their defense"

Dork Yearbook – young dorks posing with their computers. or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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