der letzte dreck auf dem internet

[en: the ultimate dirt online]
today the washing machine in our house was broken.
a guy came to fix it.
on his car i spot the url
dreck is german and means dirt.
interesting choice of an url, i think, and i decide to check where the dreck/dirt trail leads me on the internet …
or more importantly, how long ’till i hit porn …
[place your bets before reading on!] i find – surprise, surprise – a cleaning company. their claim: dirt of all kinds makes us rejoice [wir freuen uns ueber jeden dreck]. they have quite the splash-page even, where it immediately is made clear, that dirt, with these guys, is not here to stay. [a page so clean i can practically smell the cleansing fluids] leads nowhere. could not be found. please check the name and try again. i dont get this. uhm? is this like a foto of some bricks in water? is it? did i win something? at the bottom it says: du bist der 11’943. Drecksucher. i am somewhat relieved. 11’942 have visited this cryptic page before me. [still no porn though …] “dreckig dreckig dreckig [=dirty dirty dirty] On – the clean website – you find a selection of websites concerning rope skipping, herb & cannabis grinding, business services between Thailand & Germany and a free travel directory for Thailand. ” i rest my case. [my favorite so far!] here i find something about dirtbikes, but there is no navi and i can’t click on … [damn] their motto: the problem with communication is the illusion that it has occured [] is underlined beautifully by the fact, that most of the links on this page do not seem to work. and they are after all selling communicaton & data gathering tools … or something! [confuseled] pop-up’s galore, but still no porn ;-( [this is getting tedious] uhhhh now we talking. we hit the *drumroll* Off Road Racing Search Engine! i find some sort of a search-form on this page, yet if i hit any button, i receive our good old friend error 404 “is 4 sale by webmaster”. like, what a buy! [hmmm tempting] bingo. and finally we hit pornland. pop-up’s, anim gifs, blondes, silicone tits, heaven … [10 degrees of porn]

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