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teh glorious interweb as it got stuck in my camino tabs this past week – the edited version.

online video killed the …

Free iPhone App – ze frank has invented a free iphone app…

Epic Mouse Trap Fail – "Cheap ass mouse traps… " or smart mice?

schmooze and abuse

Awkward Boners – "Awkward Boners – Because it happens to the best of us" it does, it does.

RiP: A Remix Manifesto – non-americans can watch the documentary here, with slightly annoying tasks given at the end of each chapter.

Ashton Cares – “I think we may have experienced the last generation of actors who can be disconnected from their audience.” yesh yesh, but from there to receiving a personal voice mail message from kushter is still a long shot. well, lets try: diss diss diss kushter! let’s see if he calls.

The Future Shock – "My name is Kolin Pope. I am the savior of the future. Like most with the title of savior, I never went out looking for it. No, adventure found me." a pretty amazing prank as told by the one who was getting pranked.

"»Bunkers (Switzerland)«, 1999-2004 by Leo Fabrizio." [via vvork]

How Gadgets Lose Their Magic – "As technological magic becomes routine, I wonder whether a visit to a preindustrial society might teach me more than it teaches them. The only thing more fascinating than our technology is the idea of getting along without it. Maybe the way to recapture the magic is to turn all that stuff off." so true.

Chuck Norris protects Split bakery – "Store bosses have seen off burglars by placing a life-sized photo of Hollywood action star Chuck Norris in the window." yes yes, and when the boogieman goes to bed he checks his closet to see if chuck norris is hiding.

Online IQ Test Is Really A Stupid Mobile Phone Download Scam – "Depending on your carrier and cell phone manufacturer, the mobile content may include ringtones, games, wallpapers, or fun text messages. This content will cost as much as $19.99 per month and will be sent to your cell." ah good, because of course i was tempted to compare my IQ with my facebook friends.

LIIP ad and poster – "Ad and poster design for LIIP, Agile Web Development, Fribourg, Bern, Zurich."

419 Scammer Gets Honest – "I'm guessing an angry recipient hacked her Yahoo! Mail account and sent out the second message to discredit her."

Apple v. EFF: The iPhone Jailbreaking Showdown – "Apple vigorously opposed authorizing jailbreaking, saying copyright protections is what gave birth to the iPhone, the 1 billion app sales, 50,000 app developers and 35,000 apps. The EFF vigorously urged the Copyright Office to authorize jailbreaking, which in this case is hacking the phone’s OS, and hence allowing consumers to run any app on the phone they want, including those not authorized by Apple."

Myst comes to the iPhone: which shows how far we've come – "Even so, that's a dramatic shift. In 16 years we've gone from a game that required an external, expensive piece of hardware, and external storage, which pushed the limits of systems, to something that can be done in the palm of your hand. There's Moore's Law for you"

How To Beat Myst on the iPhone in 5 Minutes – "If you're the type of person that just needs to see the end game, regardless if you've actually completed it. We have a quick how-to that allow you beat the game in just 5 minutes." mkay. i admit i don’t get why anyone would buy a game to then beat it in 5 minutes. but hey.

Life Inc – "I'm going to be posting most or perhaps all of my upcoming book, Life Inc: How the world became a corporation and how to take it back, over the next two weeks. I'll put the beginning of each excerpt here, along with a link to where you can read or download the rest. So, let's start at the beginning." a great read. can’t wait for the next chapters to get posted.

Trent Reznor rips Apple, rates smartphone OSes – "Android is cool, but nobody has an Android phone. Blackberry is OK but the hardware is inconsistent and WinMo straight-up sucks balls. If Apple doesn't get it together, we will most certainly make it available to the jailbreak community. I didn't invest in this app to see it languish on the sidelines from an idiotic policy while this tour is in full swing. " and the question remains, which celeb dissing apple will finally make apple rethink their arrogant policies?

Lego Torture Scenes Protest Media Censorship – "Flickr user Legofesto (who prefers to remain anonymous) was fed up with news outlets refusing to publish images depicting torture due to their graphic nature. So he recreated the images and first-hand accounts using Legos to protest what he saw as irresponsible censorship."

Wikipedia Founder Slams Wikipedia Art – "Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales characterizes the project as “an alleged bit of performance art,” and the project creators, Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern, as “trolls” “dedicated to vandalizing Wikipedia as a publicity stunt.” " oh come on, jimmy.

Artists turns her old Skoda Fabia into an 'invisible car' – "The University of Central Lancashire artist made the incredible optical illusion by spray painting a battered Skoda Fabia to match the car park and entrance to her art studio." [via neatorama]

world of warcrack corner

WoW Insider interviews Tom Chilton on Patch 3.1 and beyond – "As far as tri-spec goes, I hope not! From a design perspective, just because I still want to maintain as much integrity as I can regarding how having a spec and choosing what you're going to do is important." now that's just stupid. and arrogant. this is a MMO, let people decide.

swiss focus

Beschwerde gegen Software-Deal des Bundes – “Der Bund vergab einen Software-Auftrag von 42 Millionen ohne öffentliche Ausschreibung an Microsoft. Nun reichen etliche Firmen wegen dieses Vorgehens Beschwerde ein.” open source software companies complained that the swiss government has handed out a 42 million contract to microsoft with out there being an open competition. or subscribe to this RSS feed – with all the typos.

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